Monday, December 22, 2008

Two Different Stories?

The following is from Harlow Cuadra's interview with John Roecker:

Harlow: I, I was looking at making a movie with several characters in it, and I didn't want to be in the movie myself. I was looking for someone to play the lead, and, and I came across Sean's picture, and, and I recognized him from a certain company soliciting me to go film for them.

Harlow: Ya know, that they e-mailed me two or three times, and they wanted me to go out there to California and film for them. When I saw his picture again, I said, you know what? I'll take them up on the offer, but I want to switch it around, I want him to film for me, and for what I'm thinking about doing here. Negotiations went from a large sum of money to no money, and instead they just wanted some type of reciprocal income... revenue sharing, and I said sure. Mostly because I wanted to try a new thing, ya know, Sean let me in on this whole new world of what to do. Like the blogs for porn stars, ah, the whole revenue-sharing thing, umm, mass DVD distribution.

Harlow: I mean, I knew it was there, but, I, I didn't have that kick out the door.

Roecker: So was he like dangling a carrot out in front of your face?

Harlow: Yeah, yeah, oh yes the whole time, the whole time, and ah, so I said sure, and we spoke about it, and then we kinda left it as is. A few days later, they ah, contacted me, and ah go, are you going to the AVN?, and I said the AV what?, and ah, it's a big awards show in Las Vegas, and I said, ah, well no, I was just in Vegas for a car show, I can't believe you're not going out there, and dadadada, and I said okay, blah blah blah, we spoke about it and that's it... we said our goodbye's, and ah, he calls me back moments later, and they, they really want us to go out to Las Vegas to speak about, to speak about putting something together, and ah, going through with our deal, and Joe said, you know what?, if their serious, yeah, we'll go. Ya know, we had just been back, but you know what, we'll make that damn trip again. So we went out there, and it was great, it was great, we shook hands and that was it, it's done, we were filming at the San Francisco AVN's on the 24th of February, and then slowly, I mean, you know Sean with more ideas of expanding and what not, I suggested that I go meet his old boss.

Then we have Harlow Cuadra's account from his own blog, posted on April 18, 2007:

So who contacted who first? Why offer Brent so much cash?

Sometime around mid 2006 Someone at LSG Media, sent an email to my escort add. It was basically an application “for your chance to work with Brent Corrigan himself @”. it was extremely pretentious so I ignored it. At the time I had no clue who Brent Corrigan was.

Weeks later we started getting guys lined up for a big movie project, that required lots of guys. I used mostly myspace to do my scouting. While looking at a possible candidates friends list I spotted a familiar face. I couldn’t exactly remember where I saw this face before. I sent it a private message with my recruiting for porn spam.

To my surprise he emailed right back with an extremely bitchy response “I will no longer be used by the studios” blah blah blah. It was a boring day so I decided to fuck with him online and see what he said. Basically I responded back with something like “tell me your terms and we will work something out“. not to my surprise more bitchy comments followed. Brent eventually calmed down and basically wanted residual income along with other benefits.

Keep in mind that I had no clue who Brent Corrigan was. Here is this bratty kid telling me that he wants half. After some research(alexa ranking, blog popularity), I consulted with my powers that be.

I myspaced him the figure of 10k, he was appalled. Fine I went up to 30k(things then got serious). Brent still hinted at residual income. But I simply responded that if he got any money upfront there would be NO residual! Our only reason behind offering him the lump sum is that I did not want to deal with paper work, related with residual, and to minimize the drama. From that point on mark took over negotiations, and everyone settled on a full collaboration filming complex, that I will just spare you guys those little details. ok

How was the Vegas meeting brought up?

The Vegas meeting was something that came up completely out of the Blue.

The night before AVN , Brent came online(aim) stoked about his trip to Vegas. “I am surprised your not going Harlow” Brent said and how it was all a big industry party or something like that.

Keep in mind that I had just returned from the SEMA show, so I wasn’t exactly gung ho about going right back.

Brent asked if I could meet him there ”ill show you around”. I told him that I would if he would have dinner with me. Figured that if I could include some type of business matter into it, Mark would be a willing sponsor of the trip(It helped that he wanted to see the blue man group).

Brent agreed and off to sin city we went.

Oh, and on an entertaining side-note... it would appear that Harlow and Joe's former 'car buddies' are just now discussing the trial/plea situation.