Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cuadra Attorney Wants Reports from 385 Witnesses

According to the Times Leader, the attorney for homicide suspect Harlow Cuadra wants prosecutors to reveal the reports or statements they got from all of the 385 witnesses they might call to testify at trial.

Luzerne County prosecutors earlier this week released the list of witnesses. They did that after attorneys for Cuadra’s co-defendant, Joseph Kerekes, indicated they might present an alibi defense.

Kerekes’ attorneys said they have five witnesses they might call to say Kerekes was inside a Plains Township hotel when Byran Kocis was being killed inside his Dallas Township home.

The prosecutors later said they had the 385 prospective witnesses to rebut that claim.

On Wednesday, Cuadra’s attorney, Demetrius Fannick, filed court papers saying he believes prosecutors must have interviewed or obtained a report from all of those witnesses.

And he should be allowed to see all of them, he said. But prosecutors, he said, have not provided him statements from a majority of those witnesses. He wants them to turn those statements over to him.

Fannick on Wednesday also filed court papers asking for more time to file pre-trial motions. He also wants a deadline set for prosecutors to turn over all materials he is entitled to see.