Friday, May 30, 2008

He Said... She Said... What to Believe?

I think it's fair to say that at this point, we'll all have to wait until the trial to find out if/and/or what role Sean, Grant, and Robert played in this crime (again if any).

One thing I'd like to point out is that there's no 'official' mention of Sean and Grant asking Harlow and Joe to murder Brian, just as there is no 'official' mention of Robert Wagner being in the house at the time of the murder.

There's no reference to the three being a part of the murder in the BBT's, in Joe's jailhouse confessions, or in Joe's jailhouse interview. (I left out the Las Vegas dinner since we've only heard one side of that story).

So far the only thing I've heard come directly out of Joe or Harlow's mouth is "ask Sean and Grant", and one of them mentioning Robert Wagner. All of which occured during the preliminary hearing, well after their arrest.

Just about every other claim that's been made since, has come from someone other than Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes... and I think it's pretty obvious that some may have an agenda... whether good or bad.

So just because he said... or she said... doesn't make it true. I'll stick with what's been submitted as evidence, and what transpires during the trial.

... and that's what I say. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today's Hearing?

A hearing was scheduled today for Joseph Kerekes, regarding a fourth motion filed by his attorneys for sanctions against the prosecution.

I verified the hearing date as late as last night with a court watcher, yet there's been no news as to the outcome, or if the hearing even occured. After reviewing the hearing list today, it seems to have disappeared... or it would appear that way.

As soon as I can verify what actually happened, I'll update this post.

Update: The hearing never happened, now it's just a matter of finding out why.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Because "Sassy" Said So?

Sassy said:

"Well, recent photos of the house indicate otherwise. It was a double wide drive, not a single wide. BTW the Maserati was in the shop. The Aston Martin was in the detached garage located on the easment."

How interesting for Sassy to know this in December, when most of this information wasn't even made public until the release of the Black's Beach Tapes over a month later.

There's also just one other problem... and that's the fact that witnesses recall seeing the Silver/Gray SUV (allegedly used by Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes) parked in front of Bryan's house, on the single lane driveway (Midland Drive), not the driveway (W. Belmont Ave.) to Bryan's detached garage which was on a different street.

The first image shows Bryans house in relation to the separated garage:

This second image clearly shows that the driveway in front of Bryan's home is single-lane... this is also where several witnesses reported seeing the SUV:

Look closely, and you can see the backdoor of the garage leading to Bryan's backyard, this image also clearly shows that Bryan's driveway in front of his house was single-lane:

Needless to say, it seems fairly evident as to what/whom Cheryl Conrad was trying to protect... and it would only make sense since she was paid to do so.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ghost Writer: Harlow's Blog

Harlow Cuadra's Blog

Shortly after Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were arrested, miraculously, Harlow's blog continued to post new messages, until 'somewhat' recently that is. Many have speculated as to who the 'ghost writer' was... some said Elm, others thought the Angel of Truth... and the list goes on.

Well it's actually a person by the name of Jeffrey Keith... from the Fredericksburg/Northern Virginia area (possibly Maryland)... that's been the handler of Harlow Cuadra's blog ever since the arrest.

This is still a developing story, and I'll try to add more information to this post on Tuesday.

Update... Jeffrey Keith does in fact live in the Fredericksburg Virginia area, and apparently works in Maryland.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Police Officer of the Year for 2007

The Citizens' Voice is reporting that a coast-to-coast homicide investigation was not what Dallas Township police Chief Robert Jolley expected to happen while he was attending the FBI National Academy last year.

But when a fire at a home on Midland Drive the night of Jan. 24, 2007, turned into a full-scale manhunt for the killers of Bryan Charles Kocis, Jolley was glad he left Sgt. Douglas Higgins in charge.

“I had no qualms at all about leaving it in his capable hands while I was in training,” Jolley said. “I’d say the arrest of two people in a case that goes from the Atlantic to the Pacific is exceptional.”

Higgins coordinated an investigation stretching from Virginia Beach to San Diego which ultimately resulted in the capture of Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra, who will head to trial this fall.

Higgins’ work on the Kocis murder earned him the title of Police Officer of the Year for 2007. He was among eight men and women recognized for their professionalism and dedication to the Back Mountain at the inaugural First Responder of the Year award ceremony at Appletree Terrace on Thursday.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Private Eyes... They're Watching You.

"Sassy" aka Cheryl Conrad... happens to be a private investigator that works for a company called Security Services of America at their Virginia Beach location... she's also a current member of the ASIS Tidewater Chapter, and the Hampton Roads Chapter of Executive Women International.

Apparently Barry Taylor retained this company to investigate the case before Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes went to California to meet with Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy... sometime around the beginning of February 2007 I believe. Barry also charged the $5000 retainer to one of Harlow's credit cards, which was already defunct.

From what I understand, "Sassy" was ultimately ran out of Luzerne County by the local fire and police departments, allegedly after trying to gain access to Bryan's burned house.

Strangely (or maybe not), "Sassy" appears to have disappeared from the blogosphere around December 2007, or at least that's the last time we heard from her.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Captain... and His Sinking Ship

"RIGGS added that an individual named “Captain Jack” who was a client had assisted KEREKES and CUADRA by providing them with money, and possibly transportation."

Captain Jack (who is actually "Captain Joe") would be a person by the name of Joseph Ryan. It's my understanding that Mr. Ryan told Harlow Cuadra that he would help with the attorney/expert witness fees, but in the end he backed-out... Joseph Ryan was also a former client, and may now be a witness for the prosecution.

There's also Mitch Halford of Virginia Beach, who was known for letting Harlow use his vehicle when Joseph Kerekes wouldn't allow Harlow to drive one of his own (as odd as that may sound). Mr. Halford provided the vehicle that was used for Harlow and Joe's trip to Florida, and he's also on the new witness list, as well as the old (number 228).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Harlow's #1 Fan?

Harlows #1 Fan: George Thompson... which also happens to be on the latest witness list, has visited Harlow Cuadra in jail several times... lives in South Hill, Virginia... and is a self-described minister... he also appears to imply that others have conspired, when in fact it may be him that needs to be concerned...

Who's next?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Change of Venue for Trial?

Both Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra's attorneys have filed motions requesting a change of venue for the trial. Joe's attorneys did it on January 30th, and Harlow's on May 16th.

"Extensive, inflammatory, sensational" pre-trial publicity in local newspapers and television, Joe's attorneys argue... while Harlow's attorneys say there has been "extensive, inflammatory, sensational and highly inculpatory publicity about this incident and the arrest of Cuadra from the day of the incident to the present”.

With all of this pre-trial publicity going on... what could the dear folks of Luzerne County be thinking of these two? Here's one answer.

Ironically, there was another murder trial in Luzerne County recently that created a much larger media-stir, and that was the trial of Hugo Selenski.

So with all of that said, I spoke with someone that's very familiar with this case and the Selenski case... here's what they had to say:

'A change of venue is the least of immediate concerns. Under PA precedent law (not sure which case) the parties MUST try to get a panel out of an in-county pool before moving it out. Selenski, if I recall correctly, went through 150 potentials without getting a panel. They got close though, like 9 or 10 (off the top of my head) and PPO chose to call in 150 more to finish it and they ended up with a panel of 16 Luzerne County jurors (12 regular and 4 alternates), I think.

So, a call to move it out won't be made until they give it a shot on and after Sept. 2. And if they got 16 from Luzerne County for Selenski, they'll get 16 for these two guys.'

Needless to say... I'd have to agree.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Separate Trials for Cuadra, Kerekes Requested

According to the Times Leader - Joseph Kerekes’ tendency to talk hasn’t only created problems for himself, attorneys said.

Kerekes has also made statements implicating Harlow Cuadra in the death of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis.

And that’s created the need for Kerekes and Cuadra to have separate trials – instead of one joint trial – on criminal charges in Kocis’ death, Cuadra’s attorneys said.

The request for separate trials came Friday as one of several pre-trial motions made by Cuadra’s attorneys.

Cuadra’s attorneys, Paul Galante, Mike Senape, and Steve Menn, said separate trials are required for several reasons. One of them is because of Kerekes’ statements implicating Cuadra, they said.

Prosecutors could present Kerekes’ statements at his trial.

But that means Cuadra, at a joint trial for both men, would be prejudiced by the jury hearing Kerekes’ implicating statements because Cuadra’s attorneys would be unable to challenge Kerekes about them, unless he testified, the attorneys said.

That would deprive Cuadra of his constitutional right to confrontation, the attorneys say.

In other requests, the attorneys want: Cuadra’s trial moved out of Luzerne County or to have an outside jury brought in because of pre-trial publicity; photographs of the victim kept out of trial because they are inflammatory; prosecutors to be prevented from using any statements Cuadra made to police because he was questioned while in custody but never informed of his rights; recorded conversations of Cuadra at a beach kept out of trial because the interception violated the law and Cuadra’s rights; evidence seized from Cuadra’s Virginia residence and e-mail account kept out of trial because it was obtained with invalid warrants; and the charges thrown out because prosecutors failed to present sufficient evidence at a preliminary hearing.

Prosecutors will respond to the motions before Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. rules on them.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Motions Hearing Slated for May 29, 2008

On Wednesday, Joseph Kerekes’ attorneys filed another motion for sanctions (this will be the fourth). Now they're saying prosecutors violated a judge’s gag order by releasing police reports containing statements made by other inmates that had contact with Kerekes.

Defense attorneys also said prosecutors spoke to one of those acquaintances, Robert Rodden, without permission from Rodden’s attorney John Pike. Pike also happens to be one of Kerekes’ attorneys. Joe’ attorneys now want Olszewski to stop prosecutors from using the statements of those inmates at trial.

It would appear that this hearing will occur on May 29, 2008 at 1:30 PM.

Meanwhile Harlow Cuadra's attorneys filed a motion for enlargement of time to file omnibus pretrial motions today, which was granted by judge PPO.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Harlow & Joe's Bordello... A Sneak Peek Inside...

When Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes moved to 1028 Stratem Court in Virginia Beach, they surely must have thought that they had hit the 'big time'. With a half-million dollar house (okay, their website reported it as a million-dollar home) as their backdrop, the prostitution business must have really began to flourish (or did it?).

I offer you some pictures of what the 'bordello' looked like from the inside:

Custom-built 'lockers' for visiting clients.

Joe’s mother coyly describes this as “a super-duper shower. You could put 10 people in there."

Just in case someone got hungry?

The infamous Hot Tub of 'fun'.

Harlow and Joe Arrested For Murder... One Year Ago Today.

One year ago today... Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were riding in their leased, black BMW down Virginia Beach Blvd., when all of a sudden they were pulled over, read their rights, and handcuffed by the Virginia Beach police... with the car later towed away.

Harlow and Joe obviously didn't know that a warrant for their arrest had already been issued by Pennsylvania authorities just hours earlier:

Arrest Warrant Arrest Warrant 2

... and to think... Harlow Cuadra made the statement (recorded) on Black's Beach that "basically the cops put it on the back burner."

... or as I've been told: 'Harlow's exact comments on the situation was that they back burnered the case because Bryan was not worth spending all the time and money on finding out who killed him. Luzerne County did not think he was worthy of a full blown investigation.'


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kerekes' Jailhouse Confessions (Part 3)

This is the third individual that was interviewed by Cpl. L. Hannon and other law enforcement, in regards to statements made by Joseph Kerekes while incarcerated. I'm posting this a day early because I'm working on a separate post for tomorrow's 'anniversary', and just don't want the two to conflict.

SYNOPSIS: On 07/31/07 at 1250 hours Sgt. Douglas HIGGINS and I interviewed. Robert Gary DeVaughn TOLLEY. TOLLEY was in the same cell as Joseph KEREKES while both of them were incarcerated at the Virginia Beach Correctional Facility.

DETAILS: On 07/31/07 at 1250 hours, Sgt. Douglas HIGGINS and I interviewed Robert Gary DeVaughn TOLLEY also referred to as “Joker", an inmate at Virginia Beach Correctional Facility. I explained to TOLLEY that we were there to ask him some questions and that his involvement is voluntary. TOLLEY acknowledged that this was voluntary and agreed to speak with us. TOLLEY is married and has no children. TOLLEY related that he was born and raised here in Virginia. I informed TOLLEY we were. from Pennsylvania and conducting an investigation and asked TOLLEY if he knew why we wanted to talk with him. TOLLEY related he did not know why we wanted to talk with him and the only thing he knew was a “Dude” in PA got killed. TOLLEY added that he knows Joe KEREKES as a cell mate and he talked about “some dude in PA”, TOLLEY added that at night, while sitting with William SMITH and KEREKES, KEREKES said he was in prison for killing some porn guy. KEREKES said he was a porn star and helped his partner kill some guy in Pennsylvania. TOLLEY related KEREKES said he and “the other guy” killed some guy because of competition. TOLLEY added KEREKES kept saying, “him (KEREKES) and the other guy killed the guy in Pennsylvania.” KEREKES also said he was turning States evidence against the other Dude. TOLLEY added KEREKES was always on the phone, never sent any letters out, received a lot of mail, wrote stuff down every day. KEREKES said before he got put in prison he was doing all kinds of drugs and having a good time.

I advised TOLLEY that the information provided by him was not going to gain him any considerations of any kind. TOLLEY acknowledged this. I asked TOLLEY to provide a written statement on what, he had told us.TOLLEY agreed and provided a written statement. I asked TOLLEY if he would be available to testify to what he had told us. TOLLEY related that he would be available to testify.

I asked TOLLEY if he ever heard of Harlow CUADRA, Bryan KOCIS, Barry TAYLOR or Renee MARTIN. TOLLEY added he heard KEREKES refer to Renee MARTIN as the keeper of his business records. TOLLEY added KEREKES said some Dude in Pennsylvania had money for him, unknown whom. TOLLEY added KEREKES was scared he was going to get life in prison.

Sgt. Douglas HIGGINS, Dallas Township Police Department was present during the interview.

Judge Denies Request for Sanctions

Update 05/15/08: The Times Leader also covers the story, and adds the following: A judge on Wednesday refused to punish Luzerne County prosecutors for their handling of a homicide case.

Attorneys for homicide suspect Joseph Kerekes had asked for the prosecutors to be sanctioned.

Kerekes’ attorneys had filed a notice that they might, at trial, present an alibi that Kerekes was miles away at a Plains Township motel when Kocis was being killed.

Prosecutors responded with a list of 385 witnesses who would rebut Kerekes’ alibi. But Kerekes’ attorneys said the list was not done in accordance with the law because it was incomplete and contained witnesses who had not been contacted by prosecutors.

Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. ordered prosecutors to revamp the list. They later filed a list of 97 witnesses, but Kerekes’ attorneys again asked for sanctions.

At a hearing Wednesday, Assistant District Attorney Mike Melnick said Kerekes’ attorneys have been given reports outlining the statements of the witnesses on the prosecution’s list.

The attorneys could look at the names on the witness list and review the reports of those witnesses. That would give the attorneys the answers they need in reference to the alibi rebuttal.

Olszewski agreed and dismissed the request for sanctions.

But Kerekes’ attorneys filed another motion for sanctions Wednesday. They said prosecutors violated a judge’s gag order by releasing police reports containing statements made by prison acquaintances of Kerekes. Those acquaintances said Kerekes spoke of his involvement in Kocis’ slaying.

The attorneys also said prosecutors spoke to one of those acquaintances, Robert Rodden, without permission from Rodden’s attorney John Pike. Pike is also one of Kerekes’ attorneys. Kerekes’ attorneys now want Olszewski to stop prosecutors from using the statements of those acquaintances at trial.

The Citizens' Voice is reporting that attorneys for accused murderer Joseph Kerekes went to a Luzerne County judge Wednesday for the third time in two months and requested sanctions against prosecutors for tactics they claimed were designed to hamper the defense.

And for a third time they lost.

Court of Common Pleas Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. denied and dismissed a motion for sanctions filed by Kerekes' attorneys last Friday, allowing prosecutors to proceed to trial with a list of nearly 100 potential alibi rebuttal witnesses.

The witnesses, including prison officials and Kerekes' former prisonmates in Virginia and Luzerne County, could be called to dispute Kerekes' whereabouts the night Bryan Kocis was killed in Dallas Township in January 2007.

Kerekes claimed in a notice of potential alibi defense filed in January that he was at the Fox Ridge Motel in Plains Township the night of the murder.

Prosecutors said their witnesses heard different slivers of a story from Kerekes - that he was involved in the murder and that he would attempt to place the bulk of blame on his co-defendant Harlow Cuadra.

Kerekes, 34, and Cuadra, 26, both of Virginia Beach, Va., face the death penalty. Their trial is scheduled to start on Sept. 2.

Kerekes' attorneys - Shelley Centini, John Pike and Mark Bufalino - argued in their motion that the list of 97 witnesses was still too lenghty, even after it had been cut from an earlier version that contained 385 names.

Pike argued in court Wednesday that many of the witnesses on the revised list were not clearly identified, that prisoners, officials and corporate agents were listed with the name of their correctional facility or company and with no description of their connection to Kerekes or his potential alibi defense.

"If you have a name, you can reference that name in your discovery material," Olszewski said, referring to the thousands of pages of documents, interviews and evidence generated during the investigation.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Melnick admitted connecting the potential witnesses to Kerekes could be a challenge for Kerekes' team of court-appointed attorneys.

"We've got an open door policy," Melnick said. "We'd be
happy to sit down with Mr. Pike and debrief him."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kerekes' Jailhouse Confessions (Part 2)

This is the second of three individuals that were interviewed by Cpl. L. Hannon and other law enforcement, in regards to statements made by Joseph Kerekes while incarcerated.

SYNOPSIS: On 07/31/07 at approx 1552 hrs., this Trooper, accompanied by Officer Todd ADAMS, Dallas Twp. Police Dept., interviewed aforementioned subject relative this incident.

DETAILS: Subsequent to information provided previously by Detectives with the Virginia Beach Police Dept., this Trooper along with Ofcr. ADAMS traveled to aforementioned location to interview John Robert RIGGS relative to this investigation.

John Robert RIGGS currently serving the final 7 1/2 months of a sentence on a probation violation with the originating charge of Larceny. No other criminal legal issues are pending. RIGGS was initially advised by this Trooper that he could be offered no consideration in exchange for his cooperation with Officers, and that all information afforded was voluntary. Additionally, this Trooper advised RIGGS of his protection under Miranda, to which RIGGS advised that he understood and wished to speak with this Trooper as it was “too important... the right thing to do’.

RIGGS stated that he had been the cellmate of accused KEREKES for approx one month, from the time KEREKES was initially incarcerated until the time RIGGS was transferred to Western Tidewater Regional Prison. KEREKES befriended RIGGS as someone who would be able to assist him with his legal problems. RIGGS stated that KEREKES divulged significant information about his and CUADRA’s escort and pornography business. KEREKES was adamant that he was not homosexual, and that he conducted his business with both males and females. KEREKES added that his sole motivation was “making lots of money”, which was what ultimately led both KEREKES and CUADRA to committing the murder of the victim. KEREKES also advised RIGGS that he had done sexual favors in exchange for money with a host of clients, inclusive of his attorney, Barry TAYLOR, politicians (NFI), Virginia Beach Sheriffs Deputies, and others

KEREKES advised RIGGS that he and CUADRA conspired to murder the victim as a result of a desire to hire “some porn guy from another state” who was under contract with the victim. According to KEREKES, he and CUADRA met said actor “in another state” to discuss doing business that would“make (CUADRA and KEREKES) millions. Upon their return, they discussed the venture with TAYLOR, who advised that the only way that CUADRA and KEREKES would benefit significantly from the arrangement was if the victim were to “disappear’. As a result, KEREKES advised RIGGS that he and CUADRA traveled to the residence of the victim and killed him. Regarding specific details about the murder, KEREKES advised RIGGS that CUADRA rented a vehicle for the trip, to which the pair traveled to the location to commit the act, KEREKES further advised RIGGS that KEREKES believed that CUADRA actually stabbed the victim seventeen times, however the newspaper reported that it was twenty eight.

KEREKES continued by stating that CUADRA actually committed the offense, and since there were no witnesses, KEREKES would be “ok” (regarding prosecution). KEREKES also stated that police did not recover any of his fingerprints at the scene, which furthered bolstered KEREKES’ confidence. KEREKES stated that he traveled with CUADRA to the victim’s residence and remained in the vehicle, which was parked in the victim’s driveway. At one point, CUADRA called KEREKES via cell and requested his assistance inside the residence. KEREKES entered, to which he stated that the victim was already dead. KEREKES added that he assisted CUADRA in attempting to clean the victim’s residence, to which it was “too bloody”. KEREKES stated that he moved the victims body “in front of the big screen TV KEREKES and CUADRA then removed numerous items from the victim’s residence, inclusive of cameras, business records, and the victim’s watch, KEREKES advised RIGGS that the interior of the residence was “a mess” and unable to be cleaned, and as such both he and CUADRA started a fire to “cover it up”. It should be noted that RIGGS questioned KEREKES’ story regarding taking the victim’s watch, as KEREKES had previously bragged about owning numerous items of jewelry, to which KEREKES responded, grinning; “I wanted it”. It should also be noted that RIGGS hypothesized that KEREKES played more of a role in the victim’s murder, however according to RIGGS it was apparent that KEREKES was attempting to make CUADRA appear to be more criminally culpable in this case to “take the fall” if someone was going to. Examples afforded by RIGGS was the fact that CUADRA rented the vehicle, and also three way conversations between KEREKES and CUADRA. where RIGGS overheard KEREKES ordering CUADRA to “keep his mouth shut”, and “don’t talk to anyone over there” (separate block). RIGGS referred to CUADRA as “Joe’s puppet”.

Following the homicide of the victim, KEREKES stated that he and CUADRA fled to “South Beach”. KEREKES advised RIGGS that Barry (TAYLOR) advised them “not to come back”, to which they did suspecting that TAYLOR was “ripping them off’. KEREKES futher advised that he and CUADRA destroyed items of evidence while at “South Beach”, such as a laptop computer and other items which RIGGS could not remember. RIGGS suggested to this Trooper that specific questions be asked regarding specific items which could “jar (RIGGS’) memory’, to which this Trooper advised that only RIGGS’ best recollection was what was sought. Following CUADRA and KEREKES’ return to Virginia, they were “picked up” driving their BMW.

RIGGS added that an individual named “Captain Jack” who was a client had assisted KEREKES and CUADRA by providing them with money, and possibly transportation. Additionally, an unknown individual was operating their businesses from an unknown location. KEREKES’ family has also been assisting both accused financially and “getting rid of” unknown items which could be damaging to their case.

Nothing of further investigatory relevance was offered by RIGGS. He did advise that should he recall additional information he would contact this Trooper. RIGGS also stated that should he be called, he would avail himself for any type of Court proceeding necessary. It should also be noted that this Trooper requested a written statement from RIGGS, which he advised would be impossible due to a medical condition. An audiotaped statement was also requested from prison officials, which was denied due to lack of equipment required. As such, interview concluded at approx. 1647 hrs.

SYNOPSIS: On 06/23/07, Detectives Ryan JASON and Ryan CHABOT, with the Virginia Beach Police Department, interviewed one John Robert RIGGS at the request of this Trooper. RIGGS, who was a former celimate of accused KEREKES, had previously sent a letter to the Virginia Beach, Va., Prosecutor’s Office advising that he possessed information relative to this investigation.

DETAILS: Pursuant to information received from Senior Asst Prosecutor Scott ALLEMAN, Virginia Beach, VA., (refer to previous report of this Trooper) this Trooper requested that Sgt. G. R. WINN, of the Virginia Beach Police Dept assign personnel to conduct an in interview of RIGGS to assess what if any, information he might have pertinent to this investigation.

Subsequent to said request, on 06/23/07 at approx 1641 hrs., aforementioned Detectives conducted an interview of RIGGS Interview was conducted at Western Tidewater Regional Prison, located in Suffolk, Va., where RIGGS was serving the last several months of his sentence for a probation violation. In summary, RIGGS stated that he had previously been a cellmate of accused KEREKES, and had numerous conversations regarding KEREKES’ current legal woes. KEREKES had advised RIGGS that a woman named “Renee’ was presently operating KEREKES’ business. KEREKES also advised RIGGS that his former attorney, Barry TAYLOR, was an escort client to whom KEREKES had performed sexual acts in the past. TAYLOR had previously advised both KEREKES and CUADRA to flee Virginia Beach to South Beach. Fla., as TAYLOR knew KEREKES and CUADRA were wanted for questioning in Virginia. KEREKES and CUADRA did in fact flee law enforcement to where they described as South Beach, Fla..

Regarding the murder of the victim, KEREKES advised RIGGS that CUADRA stabbed the victim seventeen times, and that they (KEREKES and CUADRA) slit (the victims) throat prior to burning the victims house down. KEREKES added that he assisted in moving the victim’s body, and attempted to clean up the scene, however they could not and burned the house down, KEREKES added that the victim was already dead prior to the fire, and that he and CUADRA moved the victim ‘near the big screen TV”. KEREKES further confided in RIGGS that “the guy in Pennsylvania” was killed as CUADRA and KEREKES desired to hire an actor for their business who was under contract to the victim. It should also be noted that KEREKES often made reference to his escort business, and described the location of in calls, as well as former clients in addition to TAYLOR.

KEREKES added that he and CUADRA rented a vehicle for their trip to murder the victim, and further added that he had “coached” CUADRA, and put all incriminatory evidence in CUADRA’s name. KEREKES also stated that he and CUADRA removed a watch from the victim’s residence. RIGGS could not remember the type or description of the watch, RIGGS also advised that KEREKES and CUADRA destroyed a laptop computer while they were in South Beach as it contained incriminating evidence.

Kerekes' Jailhouse Confessions (Part 1)

This is one of three individuals that were interviewed by Cpl. L. Hannon and other law enforcement, in regards to statements made by Joseph Kerekes while incarcerated. Part 3 will follow on Thursday.

SYNOPSIS: On 10/05/07 at approx 1153 hrs., this Trooper, along with Sgt. Gary L. THOMAS, Pa State Police, Troop P Criminal Investigation Section supervisor, interviewed aforementioned individual relative this investigation.

DETAILS: Troopers arrived at Luzerne County Correctional Facility(LCCF) and requested to speak with Robert Leo RODDEN

This Trooper initially advised RODDEN that he would not be offered any consideration for interview or assistance in this matter, and further advised that any cooperation was voluntary. This Trooper also advised RODDEN that he was not obligated to be interviewed, to which RODDEN acknowledged and thereto agreed to be interviewed.

RODDEN advised that he was acquainted with KEREKES since he was incarcerated within LCCF RODDEN stated that KEREKES sought RODDEN advice for legal matters. As such, the two spoke on a regular basis. RODDEN stated that KEREKES talked about purchasing a knife in a pawn shop in Virginia Beach prior to traveling to Pennsylvania, KEREKES acknowledged that said knife was seized by poiice, who found same within the BMW vehicle KEREKES and CUADRA were operating at the time of their arrest. RODDEN further advised that KEREKES stated that he and CUADRA traveled to Pennsylvania at the time of the victim’s homicide to work on getting some porn acto or making movies”, however KEREKES did not elaborate further. KEREKES illustrated for RODDEN how he and CUADRA purchased wine from the “wine store near Wegman’s” (supermarket), possibly named “ABC”. KEREKES also stated that he shopped at the ‘WalMart” near that location, at which he purchased a knife. KEREKES insinuated to RODDEN that the police “had the wrong knife” related to this investigatior KEREKES added that he and CUADRA stayed at the “Fox Ridge Inn”, which RODDEN thought to be odd as KEREKES always bragged about how wealthy he was, KEREKES commented about his stay there that his ‘Was the only car in the parking lot”. KEREKES added that he made several calls from that location on his cell phone, but did not elaborate who it was he spoke with. KEREKES also stated that he utilized his computer from that location as well, which was what he planned to be his defense in this matter.

At one point, RODDEN stated that he knew the victim from years ago, to which KEREKES asked him; “then you know where his house is, up on Midland Drive?” RODDEN thought it also suspicious that KEREKES seemed to know right where the victim’s residence was.

KEREKES also stated to RODDEN that the police had recorded him utilizing a microphone hidden in a pair of glasses and as such, KEREKES was careful what he said and where he said it. Regarding his business, KEREKES stated to RODDEN that he was a former Marine, and had been a preacher having attended religious schooling. Subsequent to that, he became involved in a male escort service, however he stated several times that neither he nor CUADRA were homosexual and were “in it for the money’. KEREKES stated numerous times that he was very wealthy, but that the police had seized all of his assets. KEREKES stated to RQDDEN that he was going to exclaim to the news media that this Trooper is a “thief’, and illegally took KEREKES’ money. KEREKES also “buys favors” around the prison by purchasing canteen items for other prisoners. KEREKES also stated that his escort service “started out small”, then grew into a “big business”, offering full sexual services for a fee.

Regarding the pornography aspect of the business, KEREKES stated that it was growing, with CUADRA doing the majority of the “mule work”, while KEREKES maintained the “business” end of things. KEREKES also illustrated trips to Las Vegas and other locations where he and CUADRA visited.

RODDEN added that KEREKES was “heartless’ about his reference to the victim. RODDEN stated that on one occasion, KEREKES laughed about the victim stating; “they havent even buried him yet. They have him frozen somewhere”. KEREKES continued his rant, at which time RODDEN walked away as he was getting upset at the disrespectful manner in which KEREKES was referring to the victim.

RODDEN further stated that on another occasion, KEREKES stated that he was drinking at the Fox Ridge Inn and at One point “passed out”, as though he might utilize that as a defense. KEREKES stated; “they wont be able to get me for murder. Harlow went out to meet the guy, and he wont say anything about he, because I told him not to. I’ll get out in five years and make tons of money off of this”. RODDEN hypothesized that KEREKES was going to testify against CUADRA and, “get a deal”.

RODDEN stated that KEREKES was not specific about the circumstances under which he and CUADRA left the Wilkes Barre area, however an “attorney from Virginia” investigated whether or not there were criminal warrants for CUADRA/KEREKES. In the interim they two fled to “somewhere in Florida; maybe on a beach or something”, according to RODDEN.

In conclusion, RODDEN stated that although KEREKES never confessed to killing the victim, “he (KEREKES) pretty much told me how him and that other guy (CUADRA) did ft”. RODDEN further hypothesized that KEREKES “probably put the kid (CUADRA) up to it, and now he’s gonna try to hang him out to dry. I think he (KEREKES) was at (the victim’s) house though, whether he did the stabbing or not. He (victim) didn’t deserve to be treated like that”.

With that, interview concluded at approx 1229 hrs.

Kerekes Talked of Kocis Killing

The Times Leader is reporting that once he was in jail, homicide suspect Joseph Kerekes talked – a lot – according to court papers filed recently by Luzerne County prosecutors.

Complete details of what Joseph Kerekes 'talked about' can be found here and here, and here.

He told one cellmate how he and Harlow Cuadra conspired to kill a “dude” to gain the movie rights of a porn star, according to the documents.

He talked of how he and Cuadra looted the residence of Bryan Kocis after Cuadra stabbed Kocis 17 times and they both slit his throat. And how they had to burn Kocis’ house because it was “too bloody” to clean, the court papers say.

He allegedly told the inmates how he used his cell phone and computer at a Plains Township motel to ensure he had an alibi – and he planned on steering blame in the death on Cuadra.

Those papers detail the alleged statements Kerekes made to inmates after he was jailed last year in the slaying of Kocis.

Police say Kerekes, 34, and Cuadra, 26, both of Virginia, killed Kocis, their rival in the gay porn industry, inside his Dallas Township home in January 2007 then set it on fire. Kocis, 44, was found dead by firefighters.

Kerekes and Cuadra were arrested in May 2007, in Virginia, before being brought to Luzerne County.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for both suspects. They are awaiting trial.

Kerekes had filed notice that he had an alibi in the case. He claims he was miles away at the Fox Ridge Inn when Kocis was being killed.

It led to a tiff between his attorneys and prosecutors.

Prosecutors filed a response to the alibi, claiming they had 385 witnesses to rebut Kerekes’ alibi.

But Kerekes’ attorneys shot back. They said the prosecution’s bulky response was done in bad faith and not in accordance with state law because some of those witnesses had no knowledge of being a witness in that capacity.

They asked a judge to impose sanctions on prosecutors.

Court of Common Pleas Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. ordered prosecutors to revamp the list. They did.

But Kerekes’ attorneys again said the list was wrongly done.

The squabble has led to Kerekes’ attorneys again asking for sanctions.

A hearing is set for Wednesday.

Prosecutors, in their latest response to the sanctions request, asked a judge to disregard Kerekes’ motion.

They said their response to the alibi is fine. And they filed numerous police reports containing Kerekes’ alleged statements to bolster their stance. The statements, prosecutors say, show Kerekes kept “shifting alibis.”

Investigators learned of the statements from interviewing some of Kerekes’ jailhouse acquaintances.

According to those court papers filed late Friday:

One of those inmates was Robert Tolley, 39, who was jailed with Kerekes in the Virginia Beach Correctional Facility. Tolley in July told police Kerekes admitted to killing “some guy in Pennsylvania.”

That same month, police interviewed John Riggs in Virginia. Riggs, 25, said Kerekes spoke of how he and Cuadra had to make Kocis “disappear” in order to get the rights of a porn actor who was under contract with Kocis. Kerekes said he traveled to Kocis’ home with Cuadra but stayed in the vehicle. But then Cuadra called Kerekes for assistance. Kocis was already dead and the two were trying to clean up the home. They moved Kocis’ body in front of a “big screen TV,” then stole numerous items from the home before burning it. But Kerekes also said he and Cuadra both slit Kocis’ throat.

In October, police interviewed Robert Rodden, 42, at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility. Rodden said Kerekes told Rodden he bought a knife in Virginia before traveling to Pennsylvania. Then he bought wine and another knife before lodging at the Fox Ridge Inn. There, he “made several phone calls” and used his computer to aid his alibi defense.

But Rodden became upset with the “heartless” manner in which Kerekes spoke of Kocis. Kerekes even laughed at Kocis, and said: “They haven’t even buried him yet. They have him frozen somewhere.”

Other times, Rodden said, Kerekes blamed Cuadra, saying: “They won’t be able to get me for murder. Harlow went out to meet the guy, and he won’t say anything … because I told him not to. I’ll get out in five years and make tons of money off of this.”

Two of Kerekes attorneys, Mark Bufalino and John Pike, said Monday they could not comment because of a court-imposed gag order.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Yet Another Harlow & Joe Ruse?

Before being jailed for the murder of Bryan Kocis... both Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes ran a 'pay for membership' porn site called "BoyBatter", which basically featured amatuer videos created by the two, along with several other models.

Shortly after Harlow and Joe's arrest, someone else continued to run the site, and even added Citiboyz Theater for additional content... (presumably to keep current customers happy, since there weren't going to be any new Harlow videos anytime soon):

Then sometime over this past winter, the following message appears on the Boybatter site:

What's interesting is that even with 'new' management, and a special 'one-time' discount rate, the site has been down/offline for several months now:

It would certainly appear that anyone who actually paid for a $99 membership during this 'special', simply threw their money away.

Ironically, there are still Boybatter DVD's for sale... and it kinda makes you wonder who's getting the money for those? I'm sure Kocis' estate would like to know the answer to that too.

Update May 17, 2007 - it would appear that shortly after posting this story, has indeed come back online. Still no working link to the 2257 statement though.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We'll Miss You Bud!

Fellow blogger Bud Foxx passed away on Wednesday May 7, 2008 at an unfortunate young age... needless to say this news came as a surprise to all of us. My sincere condolences to his partner William, and his friends and family.

I'd like to dedicate this song to William and Christopher Maddux aka Bud Foxx:

Friday, May 9, 2008

Which Way Do We Go?

During my birthday post, I had asked for suggestions as to what information might be useful to add to the blog... I'm happy to say that I received quite a few great ideas, and will begin to offer each one of them to you. Another suggestion was: "A diagram of the neighborhood, showing roads of egress and exit from Kocis' home".

The first map I'd like to show you is the proximity of the cellular tower pinged by Joe's cell phone in relation to Bryan Kocis' house (it's well within range):

After the murder, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes would have had only one choice of directions to leave, and that would've been heading southeast on Midland Drive to Center Hill Road (there are no additional street entrances, or exits through Fern Knoll Burial Park to the northwest):

Whether Harlow and Joe went left or right, both Route 415 & 309 combine towards the southeast... either can easily take you to Interstate-81 and/or the Fox Ridge Inn:

... and a nice satellite view of Bryan's house while it was still standing:

Hope this helps.

New Kerekes Hearing Update

Attorneys for Joseph Kerekes have requested a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th, and it's apparently in reference to the previous motion for sanctions. Kerekes' attorneys are once again seeking sanctions over the alibi witness stuff.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

South Beach Condo or Hotel?

During Joseph Kerekes' jailhouse interview with the Times Leader last July, Joe mentioned that he and Harlow Cuadra had leased a condo in South Beach/Miami... yet the movie(s) that they shot with model "Drake" was clearly done at the Clinton Hotel... why spend more money (when you don't have it) to stay at a hotel, if you've already leased a condo? Looking at previous movies done by Harlow and Joe, they certainly had no problems with producing them at their own home:

Notice the screen-shot of the door from the video "Beach Bubbles Bird":

Bathroom picture of the Hotel Clinton:

Screen-shot of Harlow and "Drake" in the bathroom (look familiar?):

Even though Joe states that he and Harlow spent most of February, March, and April at a leased condo in Florida... I somehow don't believe it... my guess... they were there for 2-3 weeks at the most... and stayed at the Clinton. The screen-shots for this video were released on on March 9, 2007.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cuadra's Appeal Process Continues...

Harlow Cuadra's appeal of the removal of previous attorney Demetrius Fannick continues with the latest update:

1. Certificate and Transmittal of Record to Appellate Court (779 MDA 2008).

2. Notice of Transmittal of Record sent to DA's office and to defense attorneys. Copy of list of record documents transmitted to Superior Court (779 MDA 2008) mailed to DA's office and to Atty Stephen Menn (CC), Atty Paul Galante (CC), and Michael B. Senape (CC).

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cuadra's Appeal Docket Sheet

Harlow Cuadra's appeal to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania for the removal of previous attorney Demetrius Fannick, has finally produced its first docket sheet:

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Did the House Finally Sell?

Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes' house on 1028 Stratem Court in Virginia Beach, has been on the market since August of last year. After several price reductions, and an added clause of "Home Sold as is Contingent Upon Bank Removal"... the house has disappeared from the MLS (ID # 0740371) sometime since Friday.

Unfortunately, Virginia Beach land records haven't been updated since Thursday, May 1... so hopefully I can have an answer to this question tomorrow. Eitherway, if the house did sell for the latest asking price of $471,900.00 - other than Wells Fargo Bank, and possibly WMC Mortgage Corporation... no one else is going to see a dime.

Other possibilities could be that the house in now being foreclosed, it's a computer glitch, or a less likely scenerio that it's simply been taken off the market. One thing's for sure, the timing was close to the announcement of Bryan Kocis' estate winning the wrongful death suit against Harlow and Joe.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

Tomorrow's my birthday (May 2)... so I'll I'll be taking the day off and spending it at the beach. (I'm still under 40 for a few more years) :)

If anything happens with the case during my 24-hour sabbatical starting tomorrow morning... so be it... as I know Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes won't be eating any cake... and I won't be paying attention (yeah right).

Meanwhile... what I would like to hear about are suggestions of what you'd like to see on this blog. While comments on this post won't be made public, as I'd like to not bore people with all the Happy Birthday greetings I'm going to receive (wishful thinking), I will read them all and see what can be improved. :)

Trial Still on Schedule: 09/02/08

After several motions and appeals... the death penalty trial(s) for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes is still scheduled for September 2, 2008.

On Wednesday, Judge Peter Paul Olszewski said that any appeal Cuadra's attorneys want to file to the state Superior Court, for the removal of Fannick, will not delay the start of Cuadra's trial.

This past Monday, PPO also denied a petition for writ of habeas corpus in which Kerekes’ attorneys argued prosecutors lacked the evidence or probable cause required to charge Kerekes in the January 2007 killing of Bryan Kocis in Dallas Township.

... so... unless something really weird happens... it looks like the trial's right on schedule. I've also added a permalink to a previous post that lists the hotels/motels near the courthouse under "Useful Trial Resources".