Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kerekes' Jailhouse Confessions (Part 2)

This is the second of three individuals that were interviewed by Cpl. L. Hannon and other law enforcement, in regards to statements made by Joseph Kerekes while incarcerated.

SYNOPSIS: On 07/31/07 at approx 1552 hrs., this Trooper, accompanied by Officer Todd ADAMS, Dallas Twp. Police Dept., interviewed aforementioned subject relative this incident.

DETAILS: Subsequent to information provided previously by Detectives with the Virginia Beach Police Dept., this Trooper along with Ofcr. ADAMS traveled to aforementioned location to interview John Robert RIGGS relative to this investigation.

John Robert RIGGS currently serving the final 7 1/2 months of a sentence on a probation violation with the originating charge of Larceny. No other criminal legal issues are pending. RIGGS was initially advised by this Trooper that he could be offered no consideration in exchange for his cooperation with Officers, and that all information afforded was voluntary. Additionally, this Trooper advised RIGGS of his protection under Miranda, to which RIGGS advised that he understood and wished to speak with this Trooper as it was “too important... the right thing to do’.

RIGGS stated that he had been the cellmate of accused KEREKES for approx one month, from the time KEREKES was initially incarcerated until the time RIGGS was transferred to Western Tidewater Regional Prison. KEREKES befriended RIGGS as someone who would be able to assist him with his legal problems. RIGGS stated that KEREKES divulged significant information about his and CUADRA’s escort and pornography business. KEREKES was adamant that he was not homosexual, and that he conducted his business with both males and females. KEREKES added that his sole motivation was “making lots of money”, which was what ultimately led both KEREKES and CUADRA to committing the murder of the victim. KEREKES also advised RIGGS that he had done sexual favors in exchange for money with a host of clients, inclusive of his attorney, Barry TAYLOR, politicians (NFI), Virginia Beach Sheriffs Deputies, and others

KEREKES advised RIGGS that he and CUADRA conspired to murder the victim as a result of a desire to hire “some porn guy from another state” who was under contract with the victim. According to KEREKES, he and CUADRA met said actor “in another state” to discuss doing business that would“make (CUADRA and KEREKES) millions. Upon their return, they discussed the venture with TAYLOR, who advised that the only way that CUADRA and KEREKES would benefit significantly from the arrangement was if the victim were to “disappear’. As a result, KEREKES advised RIGGS that he and CUADRA traveled to the residence of the victim and killed him. Regarding specific details about the murder, KEREKES advised RIGGS that CUADRA rented a vehicle for the trip, to which the pair traveled to the location to commit the act, KEREKES further advised RIGGS that KEREKES believed that CUADRA actually stabbed the victim seventeen times, however the newspaper reported that it was twenty eight.

KEREKES continued by stating that CUADRA actually committed the offense, and since there were no witnesses, KEREKES would be “ok” (regarding prosecution). KEREKES also stated that police did not recover any of his fingerprints at the scene, which furthered bolstered KEREKES’ confidence. KEREKES stated that he traveled with CUADRA to the victim’s residence and remained in the vehicle, which was parked in the victim’s driveway. At one point, CUADRA called KEREKES via cell and requested his assistance inside the residence. KEREKES entered, to which he stated that the victim was already dead. KEREKES added that he assisted CUADRA in attempting to clean the victim’s residence, to which it was “too bloody”. KEREKES stated that he moved the victims body “in front of the big screen TV KEREKES and CUADRA then removed numerous items from the victim’s residence, inclusive of cameras, business records, and the victim’s watch, KEREKES advised RIGGS that the interior of the residence was “a mess” and unable to be cleaned, and as such both he and CUADRA started a fire to “cover it up”. It should be noted that RIGGS questioned KEREKES’ story regarding taking the victim’s watch, as KEREKES had previously bragged about owning numerous items of jewelry, to which KEREKES responded, grinning; “I wanted it”. It should also be noted that RIGGS hypothesized that KEREKES played more of a role in the victim’s murder, however according to RIGGS it was apparent that KEREKES was attempting to make CUADRA appear to be more criminally culpable in this case to “take the fall” if someone was going to. Examples afforded by RIGGS was the fact that CUADRA rented the vehicle, and also three way conversations between KEREKES and CUADRA. where RIGGS overheard KEREKES ordering CUADRA to “keep his mouth shut”, and “don’t talk to anyone over there” (separate block). RIGGS referred to CUADRA as “Joe’s puppet”.

Following the homicide of the victim, KEREKES stated that he and CUADRA fled to “South Beach”. KEREKES advised RIGGS that Barry (TAYLOR) advised them “not to come back”, to which they did suspecting that TAYLOR was “ripping them off’. KEREKES futher advised that he and CUADRA destroyed items of evidence while at “South Beach”, such as a laptop computer and other items which RIGGS could not remember. RIGGS suggested to this Trooper that specific questions be asked regarding specific items which could “jar (RIGGS’) memory’, to which this Trooper advised that only RIGGS’ best recollection was what was sought. Following CUADRA and KEREKES’ return to Virginia, they were “picked up” driving their BMW.

RIGGS added that an individual named “Captain Jack” who was a client had assisted KEREKES and CUADRA by providing them with money, and possibly transportation. Additionally, an unknown individual was operating their businesses from an unknown location. KEREKES’ family has also been assisting both accused financially and “getting rid of” unknown items which could be damaging to their case.

Nothing of further investigatory relevance was offered by RIGGS. He did advise that should he recall additional information he would contact this Trooper. RIGGS also stated that should he be called, he would avail himself for any type of Court proceeding necessary. It should also be noted that this Trooper requested a written statement from RIGGS, which he advised would be impossible due to a medical condition. An audiotaped statement was also requested from prison officials, which was denied due to lack of equipment required. As such, interview concluded at approx. 1647 hrs.

SYNOPSIS: On 06/23/07, Detectives Ryan JASON and Ryan CHABOT, with the Virginia Beach Police Department, interviewed one John Robert RIGGS at the request of this Trooper. RIGGS, who was a former celimate of accused KEREKES, had previously sent a letter to the Virginia Beach, Va., Prosecutor’s Office advising that he possessed information relative to this investigation.

DETAILS: Pursuant to information received from Senior Asst Prosecutor Scott ALLEMAN, Virginia Beach, VA., (refer to previous report of this Trooper) this Trooper requested that Sgt. G. R. WINN, of the Virginia Beach Police Dept assign personnel to conduct an in interview of RIGGS to assess what if any, information he might have pertinent to this investigation.

Subsequent to said request, on 06/23/07 at approx 1641 hrs., aforementioned Detectives conducted an interview of RIGGS Interview was conducted at Western Tidewater Regional Prison, located in Suffolk, Va., where RIGGS was serving the last several months of his sentence for a probation violation. In summary, RIGGS stated that he had previously been a cellmate of accused KEREKES, and had numerous conversations regarding KEREKES’ current legal woes. KEREKES had advised RIGGS that a woman named “Renee’ was presently operating KEREKES’ business. KEREKES also advised RIGGS that his former attorney, Barry TAYLOR, was an escort client to whom KEREKES had performed sexual acts in the past. TAYLOR had previously advised both KEREKES and CUADRA to flee Virginia Beach to South Beach. Fla., as TAYLOR knew KEREKES and CUADRA were wanted for questioning in Virginia. KEREKES and CUADRA did in fact flee law enforcement to where they described as South Beach, Fla..

Regarding the murder of the victim, KEREKES advised RIGGS that CUADRA stabbed the victim seventeen times, and that they (KEREKES and CUADRA) slit (the victims) throat prior to burning the victims house down. KEREKES added that he assisted in moving the victim’s body, and attempted to clean up the scene, however they could not and burned the house down, KEREKES added that the victim was already dead prior to the fire, and that he and CUADRA moved the victim ‘near the big screen TV”. KEREKES further confided in RIGGS that “the guy in Pennsylvania” was killed as CUADRA and KEREKES desired to hire an actor for their business who was under contract to the victim. It should also be noted that KEREKES often made reference to his escort business, and described the location of in calls, as well as former clients in addition to TAYLOR.

KEREKES added that he and CUADRA rented a vehicle for their trip to murder the victim, and further added that he had “coached” CUADRA, and put all incriminatory evidence in CUADRA’s name. KEREKES also stated that he and CUADRA removed a watch from the victim’s residence. RIGGS could not remember the type or description of the watch, RIGGS also advised that KEREKES and CUADRA destroyed a laptop computer while they were in South Beach as it contained incriminating evidence.