Friday, May 23, 2008

The Captain... and His Sinking Ship

"RIGGS added that an individual named “Captain Jack” who was a client had assisted KEREKES and CUADRA by providing them with money, and possibly transportation."

Captain Jack (who is actually "Captain Joe") would be a person by the name of Joseph Ryan. It's my understanding that Mr. Ryan told Harlow Cuadra that he would help with the attorney/expert witness fees, but in the end he backed-out... Joseph Ryan was also a former client, and may now be a witness for the prosecution.

There's also Mitch Halford of Virginia Beach, who was known for letting Harlow use his vehicle when Joseph Kerekes wouldn't allow Harlow to drive one of his own (as odd as that may sound). Mr. Halford provided the vehicle that was used for Harlow and Joe's trip to Florida, and he's also on the new witness list, as well as the old (number 228).