Saturday, July 21, 2007

Joseph Kerekes' email alibi doesn't add up...

In the jailhouse interview Joseph Kerekes did with the Times Leader that was published on Thursday:

"Kerekes said Cuadra left the motel room at 6:30 p.m. to meet with Kocis. Kerekes stayed at the motel using his laptop computer to access his Yahoo e-mail.“That will show I was at the inn,” Kerekes said."

However, after reviewing the affidavit it clearly shows that the last time the Yahoo e-mail account was accessed on the 24th before the murder was at 17:44 ( 5:44 PM ). This is obviously well before Harlow Cuadra supposedly left on his own to meet with Kocis:

Affidavit ( Page 13/Paragraph 4 ):

"On January 24th, 2007 at 17:03:20 EST -500 or 22:03:20 GMT an email was sent from to wade*** This email was assigned IP adress Twenty three minutes later, 22:26:22 GMT a user logged into the account fro the same IP adress. Eighteen minutes later, 22:44:38 GMT a user logged into the account from the same IP address. This IP address was assigned by Sprint Nextel to Harlow Cuadra during this time."

The next documented time the Yahoo email account was accessed was January 24th, 2007 at 20:36:36 EST, this was 2 minutes after the fire department was dispatched to Kocis house, which was at 20:34:00 EST. :

Affidavit ( Page 10/Paragraph 2 ):

"The email archive that was previously listed and located on Item #51 shows the email contact on January 25, 2007 at 01:36:36 GMT or January 24th, 2007 at 20:36:36 EST -0500, an email was sent from to Wade*** This email was sent from a user assigned IP address The body of this email starts "hi there matt its Harlow...:-) thanks for letting me contact you, don't mean to bother" The message body continues by saying "I am raising 4 K for webmaster school which will send me to ODU and I will get the very best training for where Boybatter is headed", Sprint assigned this IP address to Cuadra's account during these time frames"

The approx. driving time from Kocis house back to the Fox Ridge Inn is stated as 16 minutes... naturally that's assuming you do the speed limit ( KM has stated it's more like 25-30 mins - I'd rather trust him ):

Without knowing the exact time the first call was placed to the Fire Department/911... it's hard to know how long it actually took for the fire department to arrive, and how much time transpired from when the vehicle was seen leaving the scene.

Now if Harlow did write this email... he sure didn't seem to shaken up about seeing a body, smelling smoke, and hearing a noise upstairs at someones house he was supposed to meet a little less than 2 hours earlier. I'm wondering if this email was actually drafted earlier, and then sent at 8:36 PM to make it 'appear' as if they weren't at the scene... the sheer timing seems to coincidental.

This alibi is almost as bad as the one Harlow used about being with a client in Virginia Beach at the time of the murder. Are these guys drawing these things from a hat?

One would assume Joe has read a copy of the affidavit?


Update: km has informed me that the Dallas, PA area would likely be a place where emails could be sent wirelessly... if so... this could be an answer for the time line. Based on the coverage map below, the 20:36:36 email could have easily been sent via laptop while in a vehicle: