Friday, July 13, 2007

Let's start taking an honest look at the affidavit... Part 2 (updated 7-14-07)

Confidential Informant #1 (Page 16/Paragraph 4 - continues to Page 17):

"On 02/10/07, investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police and the Virginia Beach Police Department interviewed Confidential Informant #1. Said informant has been associated with accused Cuadra as well as Kerekes for approx eight months. Said informant has worked with the Virginia Beach Police Department in the past, and has proven to be a reliable source of information. Additionally, said informant provided known factual information to Cpl. Hannon which was independently corroborated by sources not associated with said informant. Said informant advised that the day prior to the "Las Vegas trip" of Cuadra/Kerekes, or approx the middle of January, 2007, Cuadra/Kerekes advised that they "planning something big" and were attempting to hire "Brent Corrigan" for a movie. Both Cuadra and Kerekes were expecting to make "a ton of money" pursuant to said agreement, somewhere around "six to seven figures". They were planning to pay Corrigan around fifty thousand dollars for four scenes. Cuadra and Kerekes both stated that Corrigan was somehow contractually obligated to Cobra Video/Bryan Kocis, to which Cuadra and Kerekes stated that they were attempting to make a deal with Corrigan without it costing any money to Kocis. Cuadra and Kerekes were additionally in direct competition with Cobra Video/Bryan Kocis, although both stated that they had never met Kocis before. Informant also stated that Cuadra and Kerekes stated that they were planning on traveling to Pennsylvania at some point around the time of the Las Vegas trip, although the informant could not recall if it was prior to or after the trip. The informant also added that both Cuadra and Kerekes have been acting "very suspicious and unusual" since their return from Las Vegas. Both are normally rather "flashy" and flamboyant, enjoying exotic vehicles, extravagant dinners, and making contacts for their escort business and pornographic video business."

"Both Cuadra and Kerekes collect expensive Rolex watches as well, and own approx five or six. It should be noted that none were found within the residence subsequent to the search same date."

Photo of Cuadra & Kerekes wearing a Rolex:

"Informant added that recently both Cuadra and Kerekes have been reclusive, with limited contact with anyone. Additionally, accused Cuadra has recently changed his phone number, and made his "myspace" account "private". Said actions significantly hurt the business of Cuadra/Kerekes, and is "highly suspicious" behavior."

A few observations of note:

* Just because this "informant" says what he said, doesn't make it true, but it could be as well.
* Cuadra/Kerekes state that they're planning to hire Brent Corrigan, yet Grant Roy states ( Page 14/Paragraph 5 ) that Cuadra informed Lockhart that Cuadra would like to work with LSG Media, specifically Sean Lockhart. Who's hiring who? Or was this to be a joint business venture?
* Informant stated that Caudra/Kerekes thought they could make a "ton of money"... after reviewing their credit records ( which I legally can't post )... they could have used it. They owed almost $1,000,000.00 in debt, yet when their assets were seized by Virginia, they only had $25,000.00 - could this be a motive... possibly.
* Cuadra changing his number is nothing earth shattering... likely to stop a barrage of media/unwanted calls.
* Cuadra and Kerekes stated that they were attempting to make a deal with Corrigan without it costing any money to Kocis... interesting statement if true.

Police visit with Kerekes' parents... ( Page 17/Paragraph 1 ):

"On 02/12/07, investigators interviewed the parents of accused Kerekes at their residence located on Dandelion Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va.. While compiling biographical and investigatory information relating to this incident, accused Joseph Kerekes phoned said residence a minimum of three times. On each occasion, it was requested that Kerekes speak with investigators and/or provide a location where he could be reached so that an interview could be conducted. On each occassion, Kerekes refused. Kerekes additionally related to his parents that he did not want them to speak with investigators, and abruptly terminated the conversations. Contact information for investigators was left with Kerekes' parents, to which Joseph Kerekes did not attempt to contact same. "

Observation of note:

* Joe Kerekes had no legal obligation to speak with investigators... yet it probably would have been wise to refer them to his attorney, which was Barry Taylor at the time. Not wanting to speak with investigators doesn't admit guilt or association.

Let's rent an SUV and take a road trip... ( Page 17 & 18/Paragraph 2,3 & 4 ):

"While working with the Virginia Beach Police Department, investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police learned that on the morning of 01/25/07, Officer Brent Riddick, Virginia Beach Police, obtained the registration number for a silver/grey Nissan Xterra sport utility vehicle with dark trim and three brake lights. Said registration came back to "Enterprise Leasing Company", Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, Va.. Further investigation revealed that said vehicle was rented by accused Cuadra on 01/23/07 at approx 0945 hrs.. The vehicle was returned on 01/25/07 at approx 1245 hrs.. Mileage out on the vehicle was recorded as 21357. Mileage in on the vehicle was recorded as 22409. The vehicle was rented in the name of Harlow R. Cuadra, to which Cuadra's driver's license was afforded subsequent to the rental agreement, as was Cuadra's signature. Rental vehicle was paid for by Discover Card issued to Harlow R. Cuadra, Norfolk Male Escorts, Inc.."

Here's a map showing the location of the rental car company in relation to Harlow & Joe's house... it's approx 10-12 miles away:

"It should be noted that from the accused's residence to the victim's residence is approximately 385 miles, as clocked by Pennsylvania State Police affiant Cpl. Leo D. Hannon, Jr. utilizing Pennsylvania State Police Wyoming vehicle #24. As such, total mileage, direct route and round trip is approx 770 miles without deviation. Total mileage registered on rental vehicle registered to Caudra was approx 1052 miles."

"Investigators also traveled to the "Fox Ridge Inn", located within Plains Township, Luzerne County, PA., and observed that on 01/23/07, an individual identified a Joseph Kerekes, who provided Virginia Driver License #########, checked in at said motel.

Map of hotel location in regards to Kocis' house:

Check in was for two occupants for the evenings of 01/23/07 and 01/24/07. Room rented was #211, and vehicle listed was a grey vehicle with Virginia registration. Said individual did not "check out" of the room, as both night were pre-paid in cash. It should also be noted that the 570-579-4437 mobile phone tower registrations are commensurate with that location as well as other locations within the immediate area of both the "Fox Ridge Inn" as well as the victim's residence on the dates of 01/23/07 and 01/24/07."

Cell tower locations near the Fox Ridge Inn:

A few observations of note:

* It's quite apparent that Harlow rented the SUV... I've rented many vehicles and know that showing a drivers licence is a requirement, plus they have a copy of his signature - which I'm sure they've matched.
* Check in at the motel was the same date as the vehicle rental... and the vehicle listed at check in was the same color. Unless there's an actual description as to the type of vehicle... this will be hard to prove as evidence... though I would think that the check in time would coincide with the travel time taken to go from Virginia Beach to said location. The affidavit also mentions Virginia registration... if they have the licence plate number, and they match... then it was obviously the same SUV rented in Virginia Beach.
* Joe Kerekes using his own driver's licence to check-in will pose some problems for the defense... unless his identity was stolen, and he can prove that such was reported before this date. Even though he paid cash, I'm sure they have his signature on file, as all hotels/inns/motels require it in the event of damages/additional charges.
* I wouldn't focus much on the mileage... the rental car company was some 10-12 miles from their house, the motel they stayed at was some 13-15 miles from Kocis' house... the little extra's can add up.
* There's that 570-579-4437 number that is from a pre-paid cellular phone that made it's original call from Virginia Beach.

Part 3 Sunday...