Sunday, July 29, 2007

Interview, Surveillance & "I'm Not Afraid"

During his jailhouse interview with Ed Lewis, Joe Kerekes says “I’m not afraid of what they heard”, regarding the infamous recordings at Black's Beach ... which he accuses Lockhart of wearing ' bugged sun glasses '.

So let's review what's in the affidavit about the recordings, and see how afraid Joe should be:

The affidavit reads that while on the beach, Grant asked Cuadra and Kerekes if Kocis "felt any pain" and at that, the pair fell silent. Finally, Cuadra apparently leaned in to whisper to Lockhart, "don't worry he went quick."

Yet according to Joe's interview... Harlow stopped at the front door, looked inside and saw a body on the coach or chair. So did Harlow witness the murder as soon as he got to the front door? If so, why didn't he call the police? And how did he know 'he went quick'?

The next day at Black's Beach, according to the affidavit, Cuadra talks about being present when the victim was murdered. Cuadra and Kerekes continue to talk about the records being taken, viewing master tapes, and destroying evidence as they would be considered "proof". Cuadra also describes the victim's Rolex and the initials on the back. The conversation continues with both Cuadra and Kerekes mentioning that they also took and destroyed several computers from the victim's residence.

If Cuadra never went inside the house, only stopping at the front door... how could he and Kerekes have possession of this property, or know about the initials on the back of Kocis' Rolex? Did the 'real' killer leave it all at the front door and go upstairs, while Harlow shows up and just decides to pack it all in the SUV, then flee after smelling smoke and hearing a noise?

The affidavit continues with how Cuadra and another "did some recon work" at Kocis' house... describing how the victim's door did not have a peephole, and how it had some square windows at the top but Kocis was not tall enough to see through them. Cuadra continued; "It was quick," he said. "He never saw it coming."

Doesn't everybody do 'recon work' on someones house you plan to visit for a simple business meeting? And there's Harlow assuming again about the death of Kocis since he never actually entered the house according to Joe's interview.

According to the affidavit, Kerekes mentions Kocis having a contract prepared, and continuing the meeting even though they thought Kocis knew Cuadra's real identity. Cuadra described himself inside Kocis house, sharing wine with Kocis, to which Kerekes said he thought Cuadra "slipped something" in Kocis' drink, and then at some point, the doorbell rang, "and that was it".

Kerekes sure seems to have a lot of input for someone that says he was never at Kocis' house. There's also mention in the affidavit of Kocis stumbling around... did he stumble to the door and open it up, or did Cuadra ( letting Joe in )?

It's also observed from the affidavit that at some point, Kocis picked up the phone and Cuadra's "dude" "came around", and "it was crazy". And Cuadra talked about watching Kocis die. "Actually, it's sick, but it made me feel better inside," Cuadra said. "It almost felt like I got revenge."

Well if Joe was actually at the Inn checking his emails, who's "dude"? Did Harlow pick someone up on his way over to Kocis?

Cuadra and Kerekes also describe the interior of the residence, specifically a high-end home entertainment center. Both also indicated that Kocis wanted Cuadra to "move in", and described an upstairs bedroom within the residence.

Since Joe denies being at the house, and states Cuadra stopped at the front door... perhaps Cuadra asked the person he heard upstairs to shout down a description?

In the same interview with Ed Lewis, Joe says "Cuadra arrived at the motel room and they quickly checked out. They drove onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike when Kerekes said Cuadra told him what he saw at Kocis’ home."

So after traveling for more than 6 hours to get there, a paid motel room, and a bottle of Dom Pérignon... you're going to pack up and leave immediately only to wait until you're on the Turnpike to find out why?

If I where Joe, or Harlow for that matter... I'd be very afraid. Now it is entirely possible that the surveillance data will not be allowed as evidence during the trial... the defense better hope so.

- PC