Monday, July 2, 2007

Once again the motions hearing for Harlow Cuadra & Joe Kerekes on 7/3/2007

Here's a copy of the Civil Court docket for tomorrow's motions hearing on the Forfeiture of Property ( the presiding judge will be the Hon. William R. O'Brien ):

It's been mentioned on Harlow Cuadra's blog that the hearing has been delayed (again) to July 6, 2007... I haven't been able to confirm this as of yet, but wouldn't be surprised.

Update 07/04/2007: The Forfeiture Hearing has been continued to July 9, 2007:

Updated 07/05/2007: A little odd that whomever is behind writing Harlow's blog would make a mistake on one of Harlow & Joe's business names: "Batterboys" instead of Boybatter (It's since been changed to the correct name)... just an interesting observation, and nothing more.

The pre-dated posts for donations are quite nice as well:

Update 07/06/2007: The boybatter website update appears to be nothing more than a banner/link to Citiboyz Theater ( a different site ):

And now this statement from 'Harlow' that no one posted anything about his Administrative Hearing today... guess his folks don't read my blog... shame: