Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kerekes' Jailhouse Confessions (Part 3)

This is the third individual that was interviewed by Cpl. L. Hannon and other law enforcement, in regards to statements made by Joseph Kerekes while incarcerated. I'm posting this a day early because I'm working on a separate post for tomorrow's 'anniversary', and just don't want the two to conflict.

SYNOPSIS: On 07/31/07 at 1250 hours Sgt. Douglas HIGGINS and I interviewed. Robert Gary DeVaughn TOLLEY. TOLLEY was in the same cell as Joseph KEREKES while both of them were incarcerated at the Virginia Beach Correctional Facility.

DETAILS: On 07/31/07 at 1250 hours, Sgt. Douglas HIGGINS and I interviewed Robert Gary DeVaughn TOLLEY also referred to as “Joker", an inmate at Virginia Beach Correctional Facility. I explained to TOLLEY that we were there to ask him some questions and that his involvement is voluntary. TOLLEY acknowledged that this was voluntary and agreed to speak with us. TOLLEY is married and has no children. TOLLEY related that he was born and raised here in Virginia. I informed TOLLEY we were. from Pennsylvania and conducting an investigation and asked TOLLEY if he knew why we wanted to talk with him. TOLLEY related he did not know why we wanted to talk with him and the only thing he knew was a “Dude” in PA got killed. TOLLEY added that he knows Joe KEREKES as a cell mate and he talked about “some dude in PA”, TOLLEY added that at night, while sitting with William SMITH and KEREKES, KEREKES said he was in prison for killing some porn guy. KEREKES said he was a porn star and helped his partner kill some guy in Pennsylvania. TOLLEY related KEREKES said he and “the other guy” killed some guy because of competition. TOLLEY added KEREKES kept saying, “him (KEREKES) and the other guy killed the guy in Pennsylvania.” KEREKES also said he was turning States evidence against the other Dude. TOLLEY added KEREKES was always on the phone, never sent any letters out, received a lot of mail, wrote stuff down every day. KEREKES said before he got put in prison he was doing all kinds of drugs and having a good time.

I advised TOLLEY that the information provided by him was not going to gain him any considerations of any kind. TOLLEY acknowledged this. I asked TOLLEY to provide a written statement on what, he had told us.TOLLEY agreed and provided a written statement. I asked TOLLEY if he would be available to testify to what he had told us. TOLLEY related that he would be available to testify.

I asked TOLLEY if he ever heard of Harlow CUADRA, Bryan KOCIS, Barry TAYLOR or Renee MARTIN. TOLLEY added he heard KEREKES refer to Renee MARTIN as the keeper of his business records. TOLLEY added KEREKES said some Dude in Pennsylvania had money for him, unknown whom. TOLLEY added KEREKES was scared he was going to get life in prison.

Sgt. Douglas HIGGINS, Dallas Township Police Department was present during the interview.