Wednesday, May 7, 2008

South Beach Condo or Hotel?

During Joseph Kerekes' jailhouse interview with the Times Leader last July, Joe mentioned that he and Harlow Cuadra had leased a condo in South Beach/Miami... yet the movie(s) that they shot with model "Drake" was clearly done at the Clinton Hotel... why spend more money (when you don't have it) to stay at a hotel, if you've already leased a condo? Looking at previous movies done by Harlow and Joe, they certainly had no problems with producing them at their own home:

Notice the screen-shot of the door from the video "Beach Bubbles Bird":

Bathroom picture of the Hotel Clinton:

Screen-shot of Harlow and "Drake" in the bathroom (look familiar?):

Even though Joe states that he and Harlow spent most of February, March, and April at a leased condo in Florida... I somehow don't believe it... my guess... they were there for 2-3 weeks at the most... and stayed at the Clinton. The screen-shots for this video were released on on March 9, 2007.