Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kerekes' Jailhouse Confessions (Part 1)

This is one of three individuals that were interviewed by Cpl. L. Hannon and other law enforcement, in regards to statements made by Joseph Kerekes while incarcerated. Part 3 will follow on Thursday.

SYNOPSIS: On 10/05/07 at approx 1153 hrs., this Trooper, along with Sgt. Gary L. THOMAS, Pa State Police, Troop P Criminal Investigation Section supervisor, interviewed aforementioned individual relative this investigation.

DETAILS: Troopers arrived at Luzerne County Correctional Facility(LCCF) and requested to speak with Robert Leo RODDEN

This Trooper initially advised RODDEN that he would not be offered any consideration for interview or assistance in this matter, and further advised that any cooperation was voluntary. This Trooper also advised RODDEN that he was not obligated to be interviewed, to which RODDEN acknowledged and thereto agreed to be interviewed.

RODDEN advised that he was acquainted with KEREKES since he was incarcerated within LCCF RODDEN stated that KEREKES sought RODDEN advice for legal matters. As such, the two spoke on a regular basis. RODDEN stated that KEREKES talked about purchasing a knife in a pawn shop in Virginia Beach prior to traveling to Pennsylvania, KEREKES acknowledged that said knife was seized by poiice, who found same within the BMW vehicle KEREKES and CUADRA were operating at the time of their arrest. RODDEN further advised that KEREKES stated that he and CUADRA traveled to Pennsylvania at the time of the victim’s homicide to work on getting some porn acto or making movies”, however KEREKES did not elaborate further. KEREKES illustrated for RODDEN how he and CUADRA purchased wine from the “wine store near Wegman’s” (supermarket), possibly named “ABC”. KEREKES also stated that he shopped at the ‘WalMart” near that location, at which he purchased a knife. KEREKES insinuated to RODDEN that the police “had the wrong knife” related to this investigatior KEREKES added that he and CUADRA stayed at the “Fox Ridge Inn”, which RODDEN thought to be odd as KEREKES always bragged about how wealthy he was, KEREKES commented about his stay there that his ‘Was the only car in the parking lot”. KEREKES added that he made several calls from that location on his cell phone, but did not elaborate who it was he spoke with. KEREKES also stated that he utilized his computer from that location as well, which was what he planned to be his defense in this matter.

At one point, RODDEN stated that he knew the victim from years ago, to which KEREKES asked him; “then you know where his house is, up on Midland Drive?” RODDEN thought it also suspicious that KEREKES seemed to know right where the victim’s residence was.

KEREKES also stated to RODDEN that the police had recorded him utilizing a microphone hidden in a pair of glasses and as such, KEREKES was careful what he said and where he said it. Regarding his business, KEREKES stated to RODDEN that he was a former Marine, and had been a preacher having attended religious schooling. Subsequent to that, he became involved in a male escort service, however he stated several times that neither he nor CUADRA were homosexual and were “in it for the money’. KEREKES stated numerous times that he was very wealthy, but that the police had seized all of his assets. KEREKES stated to RQDDEN that he was going to exclaim to the news media that this Trooper is a “thief’, and illegally took KEREKES’ money. KEREKES also “buys favors” around the prison by purchasing canteen items for other prisoners. KEREKES also stated that his escort service “started out small”, then grew into a “big business”, offering full sexual services for a fee.

Regarding the pornography aspect of the business, KEREKES stated that it was growing, with CUADRA doing the majority of the “mule work”, while KEREKES maintained the “business” end of things. KEREKES also illustrated trips to Las Vegas and other locations where he and CUADRA visited.

RODDEN added that KEREKES was “heartless’ about his reference to the victim. RODDEN stated that on one occasion, KEREKES laughed about the victim stating; “they havent even buried him yet. They have him frozen somewhere”. KEREKES continued his rant, at which time RODDEN walked away as he was getting upset at the disrespectful manner in which KEREKES was referring to the victim.

RODDEN further stated that on another occasion, KEREKES stated that he was drinking at the Fox Ridge Inn and at One point “passed out”, as though he might utilize that as a defense. KEREKES stated; “they wont be able to get me for murder. Harlow went out to meet the guy, and he wont say anything about he, because I told him not to. I’ll get out in five years and make tons of money off of this”. RODDEN hypothesized that KEREKES was going to testify against CUADRA and, “get a deal”.

RODDEN stated that KEREKES was not specific about the circumstances under which he and CUADRA left the Wilkes Barre area, however an “attorney from Virginia” investigated whether or not there were criminal warrants for CUADRA/KEREKES. In the interim they two fled to “somewhere in Florida; maybe on a beach or something”, according to RODDEN.

In conclusion, RODDEN stated that although KEREKES never confessed to killing the victim, “he (KEREKES) pretty much told me how him and that other guy (CUADRA) did ft”. RODDEN further hypothesized that KEREKES “probably put the kid (CUADRA) up to it, and now he’s gonna try to hang him out to dry. I think he (KEREKES) was at (the victim’s) house though, whether he did the stabbing or not. He (victim) didn’t deserve to be treated like that”.

With that, interview concluded at approx 1229 hrs.