Thursday, July 5, 2007

Harlow Cuadra & Joseph Kerekes hearing updates... ( again )...

Updated: 07/06/2007:

The Administrative Hearing has not been continued... but rather finalized/removed because it was just a control date to make sure the Gov.'s warrant was served, which it has, and if PA had picked them up, which they haven't. Now we only wait for PA to come and get Harlow and Joe, which should be soon since no other control dates/hearings are scheduled for the extradition, and the matter is considered 'closed'.

In a nutshell: It was basically a 30 day review date to find out if PA was coming for sure. The court was assured by the Commonwealth Attorney that they would be coming, but didn't publicly provide an exact date for security and safety reasons.

Administrative 'Hearing' scheduled for 07/06/2007:

The administrative hearing on 7/06/07 is about the extradition, but not an actual hearing. It is only a control date to check the status of extradition ( if PA has picked them up ) and will likely be continued for 30 more days or so:

Forfeiture Hearing scheduled for 07/09/2007:
This is a control date to be set for motions... again dependant on Harlow & Joe's attorney's getting with the Commonwealth Attorney about dates. ( otherwise it'll likely be continued ):

If you want my personal opinion ( and I stress 'opinion' )... I don't think the forfeiture hearing delays have been caused by the Commonwealth Attorney... but have rather been used as a stall tactic by the defendant's attorneys. Stall or not, I wouldn't be surprised if the outcome is still the same... and that is Harlow and Joe will lose their assets.

I'm also starting to have some doubts about statements being made on Harlow's newly revised blog: