Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some Pre-Vacation Tidbits...

While I haven't been 'privied' to all of the telephone transcripts, I hear that the following is within the many 1000's of pages:

'Jailhouse phone conversations between Kerekes and Cuadra: Joe admits to the murder, and that he drove the SUV to Kocis' garage, and that's where he and Harlow loaded the loot.'

I'm also 'hearing' a few other things that don't relate to the phone calls, but are just as interesting:

'The second camera that was allegedly Bryan's... found at Harlow and Joe's residence... has something that was "found on it" that would be incriminating.'

... and...

'DNA evidence was found in the SUV that was rented.'

Well... considering this information comes from several reliable sources... I guess this means that I'll be on a working vacation afterall (assuming I can get the WI-FI, and my left hand to play nice).