Sunday, January 25, 2009

Harlow Cuadra's Trial... Step 2

Harlow Cuadra

Harlow Cuadra's trial is still scheduled to begin on February 17, 2009, for the brutal slaying of Bryan Kocis. Earlier this month, I did a post that went over the steps that will be taken before... and during... jury selection for Harlow's trial.

The following is a list of rules that take place once the jury has been selected:

Conduct of Jury Trial:

I. Swearing the Trial Jury to Hear the Cause
II. Consent to Be Tried by Less Than Twelve Jurors
III. Sequestration of Trial Jurors
IV. View by Jury
V. Note Taking by Jurors
VI. Seating and Discharge of Alternate Jurors
VII. Material Permitted in Possession of the Jury
VIII. Request for Instructions, Charge to the Jury, and Preliminary Instructions
IX. Verdicts
X. Sealed Verdict

Source: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Code