Tuesday, January 27, 2009

President Judge PPO?

The Citizens' Voice reported this morning that "Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas judges will meet at noon Friday to vote for a successor for president judge, according to a news release from Judge Chester B. Muroski.

Muroski took over as acting president judge on Monday as former President Judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. stepped down from that post."

With all of the events that unfolded yesterday... it got me thinking about who the next president judge would be... could it be Judge Peter Paul Olszewski, Jr., and if he is selected, would it effect Harlow's trial date?

After speaking with a source familiar with the situation, I'm told that they (the source) already have him penciled in as the next president judge. The others (judges) are either on the verge of mandatory retirement, not as experienced, or already served as PJ. Plus, PPO's well respected and a hard worker.

My source goes on to say that if PPO is selected, it won't have any impact on Harlow Cuadra's trial at all. He'd assume some additional administrative duties, but nothing that would prevent him from altering a trial already scheduled for next month.

Guess we'll see on Friday. :)

Update 01/29/2009: The Times Leader is reporting that for the first time in the history of Luzerne County court, the election of the new president judge will be open to the public, acting president Judge Chester Muroski announced today.

Mursoki said the vote, scheduled for Friday at noon, must be taken by secret ballot as required by law. The results of the vote will immediately be read in open court, however. The new president judge will then be immediately sworn in.

The judges will meet in courtroom number four at the Luzerne County Courthouse on North River St., Wilkes-Barre.