Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bryan Kocis' Sister Comments...

Bryan Kocis' sister Melody was gracious enough to comment on my blog earlier today, and after reading her comment, I feel that it's only appropriate to make it a separate post (I certainly hope the family doesn't mind me doing so):

After reading this blog, and living this nightmare for the past 2 years, I feel compelled to say something now that the gag order is lifted and the trial is over.

It has been a long horrible road. I’ve lost my best friend/brother to a crime that was so brutal, thoughtless and senseless that it makes me sick. It should have never happened. Our family will never be the same again, he was the best son, brother and uncle anyone could ever ask for. He never once disrespected any of us. No one deserves to die like Bryan did, and no family deserves to go through what we have.

I have read PC’s blog for the past two years and appreciate the accuracy of his posts. It truly amazed me how some people would blog and think their opinions were fact, or some bloggers believed lies from others and accepted that as fact. I’ve regretted not being able to speak out for my brother, but I know people will believe what they want anyway.

Those of us who have been fortunate to be in Bryan’s life know what a kind, caring, loving, generous and loyal person he was, and for those of you who didn’t know him it’s your loss. Bryan was a good, honest person in a bad, dishonest business. He was known for giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Bryan made mistakes, but he was a victim of horrible crime, and it was sad how many people forgot that.

Sean Lockhart was Bryan’s biggest mistake. He cared for Sean very much, and Sean did nothing but hurt him. I was with Bryan when Sean told him he wasn’t coming back to finish his contract with Cobra, and that he was starting his own company. Bryan just bought him a car. I will never forget how upset Bryan was. Unfortunately Bryan is not here to tell his side of the story. Bryan also told me how he made up with Sean before he died, and because Sean was a very good witness and helpful to the case I will let go of the past. I know Sean and Grant did not commit this murder, and my family appreciates their testimony.

I am very grateful to Bryan’s good friends who have been there for us since the beginning, and I hope to stay close with them in the future. They have been a huge source of comfort.

When I spoke with Robert I was disappointed Harlow didn’t received the death penalty, but after thinking about how much weight Harlow lost to “look the part” for this trial I realized how he will be eaten alive in State Prison. Joe looked horrible after a couple of months, but at least he still had some muscle on him to defend himself. Harlow won’t be able to do that. I also like Robert’s postcard!!!

I would also like to add that at least Joe had the decency to apologize to us for not stopping the murder, and he didn't make us go through a trial. Harlow thought the twelve jurors would believe his lies like others did, but he was very wrong. We felt sorry for his family until they were very disrespectful and mean to us and the jury. His dysfunctional upbringing is not an excuse for what he did to my brother.

Bryan had a wonderful childhood, he had a family that cared deeply about him, and we never spent anytime apart…..until this. After watching my parents cry hysterically holding their son’s ashes, and having to go through his burnt belongings or just the crime itself, it is just sad Harlow couldn’t apologize to us, but that just goes to show you who and what he really is. He only cares about himself.

I couldn’t possibly name everyone, but I would like to thank everyone that helped bring this case to justice and for those that supported us. We will never forget.