Monday, March 9, 2009

Harlow Cuadra's Trial... Day 10

10:42 PM: I'm also told that the defense is expected to call up to 4 people to take the stand... Joseph Kerekes, Bobby Komrowski, Chaplain Tom Winiarczyk (maybe), and Harlow Cuadra. Chances are the jury will get the case tomorrow afternoon, or early Wednesday.

10:07 PM: Sources tell me that the last witness called by the prosecution today was Cpl. Leo Hannon... his testimony was kept brief as to not bore the jury (afterall, most of the evidence had already been mentioned). He discussed some of the wire-tap information, including the statement by Harlow that Kocis had drank wine the evening of the murder.

6:08 PM: WNEP TV-16 live news at 6:00 PM is reporting that the prosecution has rest their case. The defense is expected to start calling witnesses tomorrow.

4:36 PM: According to the Times Leader, the father of Bryan Kocis testified that his son was a private person.

"You just couldn't drop in," Michael Kocis said. "He was very private."

Michael Kocis testified during the capital murder trial of Harlow Cuadra, 27, who is charged with killing Bryan Kocis, 44, in January 2007.

Michael Kocis told the jury that he noticed several items, including two laptop computers and a Rolex watch, was missing from Bryan's home.

Cuadra's attorneys filed a petition on Monday to have a second inmate transferred from state prison to testify on Cuadra's behalf.

Attorneys Joseph D'Andrea and Paul Walker filed the petition to have Bobby Lee Komrowski transferred on Tuesday.

Komrowski pleaded guilty on Feb. 19 to third-degree murder for killing his girlfriend Amy Comly near White Haven in October 2007. Komrowski recently filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea. He had been jailed for more than a year at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility where Cuadra's partner, Joseph Kerekes, had been jailed.

Prosecutors are expected to rest their case early this evening. A total of 86 witnesses were called to testify for the prosecution in 10 days of testimony.

3:40 PM: Reports from the Citizens' Voice say... Harlow Cuadra had just listened to the charges against him related to Bryan Kocis' homicide when he blurted something out, Luzerne County Detective Daniel Yersha testified.

"(Cuadra) said, 'Joe didn't do it,'" Yersha testified this afternoon in Cuadra's capital homicide trial.

Yersha was one of several law enforcement officers involved in arresting Cuadra and his partner Joseph Kerekes in May 2007 in Virginia Beach, Va. The two men were suspected of killing Kocis, a rival pornography producer, in order to help their own gay pornography business in Virginia Beach. Kerekes, 35, pleaded guilty to second-degree homicide and is serving a life sentence.

Yersha testified Cuadra stated several things to police following his arrest. Cuadra also stated he remembered the Lehigh Valley Tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike while being transported to Pennsylvania in July 2007, Yersha said.

Yersha testified that Cuadra said, "I remember this, it's a long tunnel" while they drove through the tunnel.

Prosecution is expected to call its final witnesses today. If that happens, defense will begin Tuesday with Kerekes expected to testify.

2:38 PM: The Times Leader reports that admitted killer Joseph Kerekes began to fill out a motel guest sheet with his Virginia Beach, Va., address but scratched it out and instead, wrote down a Roanoke, Va., address.

The guest sheet was shown to the jury in the capital murder trial of Kerekes' partner, Harlow Cuadra, on Monday, the 10th day of testimony before Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr.

Prosecutors alleged Cuadra, 27, and Kerekes, 35, stayed at the Fox Ridge Inn, state Route 315, Plains Township, on Jan. 23, 2007.

The next day, Jan. 24, investigators said the two men killed Bryan Kocis, 44, inside Kocis' Dallas Township home.

The jury was shown an enlarged copy of the motel's guest sheet allegedly completed by Kerekes.

Kerekes began to fill out the address section writing, "1028 Stra," but crossed it out and wrote an address in Roanoke.

Kerekes and Cuadra shared a home at 1028 Stratem Court, Virginia Beach.

Earlier Monday, Cuadra's co-defense lawyer, Joseph D'Andrea, attacked state police Trooper Brian Murphy, a computer forensics investigator.

Murphy, who spent several hours testifing over two days, traced a number of e-mails and pictures sent to Kocis to Cuadra.

Maintaining a stern, loud voice throughout his cross-examination of Murphy, D'Andrea said "anyone" could have sent e-mails to Kocis.

D'Andrea had Murphy read to the jury eight e-mails processed through Cuadra's account to Grant Roy, an adult film producer in San Diego, Calif, from February to April 2007. Six of the e-mails were signed by "Joe."

A majority of the e-mails request Roy to begin filming involving Cuadra and adult film actor Sean Lockhart.

County Det. Lt. Daniel Yursha testified that he along with Dallas Township police Sgt. Doug Higgins met with Cuadra the day he was arrested on May 15, 2007.

"Our official purpose was to notify and read the criminal complaint to Harlow Cuadra," Yursha testified.

Yursha said it took about 75 minutes to read the 10 page criminal complaint and 21 page affidavit to Cuadra.

After reading the arrest records, Yursha and Higgins left the room but returned 10 minutes later.

"I asked Harlow Cuadra if he wanted something to eat or drink, he blurted out five particular statements. He talked about the .38 caliber pistol, that particular pistol was confiscated under the search warrant. Then he blurted out Barry Taylor, an attorney representing him, was not a client of his. He said they went to a gay bar while they were in Pennsylvania. Then he blurted out, 'Joe didn't do it.'"

1:15 PM: Motion for Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Testificandum & Writ filed. Transport Bobby Komrowski from Camphill. Looks like another inmate is going to testify, not sure yet if it's for or against Cuadra, but I'm guessing it's probably for.

11:50 AM: According to the Times Leader, An e-mail registered to Harlow Cuadra in January 2007 was soley used to communicate with Bryan Kocis, state police Trooper Brian Murphy testified on Monday.

Murphy, a computer forensics investigator, said he traced a number of e-mails and pictures sent to Kocis, 44, from computers in Cuadra's home in Virginia Beach, Va., and a laptop wireless air card registered to Cuadra from Jan. 22 to Jan. 24.

Murphy made his statements on the 10th day of Cuadra's capital murder trial before a Luzerne County jury.

Prosecutors alleged Cuadra, 27, killed Kocis on Jan. 24, 2007, inside Kocis' Dallas Township home. Investigators claim Cuadra considered Kocis his main rival in the production of gay pornographic films, and wanted to work with adult film actor Sean Lockhart, who was a contract actor for Kocis' company, Cobra Video.

Murphy said he traced an e-mail Cuadra sent to Falcone Studios, a production company of adult films, on Jan. 25. Cuadra wrote in the e-mail that he was "working with a high profit porn star beginning in three weeks." Murphy noted to the jury that Cuadra didn't identify the porn star, but a reply e-mail from Falcone surprisingly identified Lockhart.

"Oh my God, are you working with Brent/Sean/Fox," a representative from Falcone replied to Cuadra.

Lockhart was known in the adult film industry as Brent Corrigan.

Cuadra's attorneys, Joseph D'Andrea and Paul Walker, are attacking Murphy, suggesting anyone can make up an e-mail account using another person's name.

11:47 AM: The Citizens' Voice is reporting that laptop computer seized from Harlow Cuadra's Virginia Beach, Va., home had several pictures of Bryan Kocis saved to it, as well as photos of Cuadra that were sent to Kocis in the days leading up to Kocis' Jan. 24, 2007, homicide.

In the tenth day of testimony this morning, State Trooper Brian Murphy continued testifying as a computer forensic expert, connecting various pieces of prosecution evidence to Cuadra, who is accused of killing Kocis at his Dallas Township home.

Three e-mail accounts used by Cuadra and his MySpace Web page connected to the Internet using the same IP Address used by an e-mail address of the model who was supposed to meet with Kocis the day he was killed, Murphy testified.

IP addresses, Murphy explained, are unique identifiers associated with a computer any time it is connected to the Internet. No two IP addresses are ever alike at the same time.

The e-mail address "," which was used by potential Kocis model "Danny Moilin" was used only to e-mail Kocis, except for one test e-mail, Murphy testified. Every Internet connection with corresponded with the same IP Address as Cuadra's other accounts, Murphy said, and often at the same time. That showed, Murphy said, that whoever used the Moilin e-mail was doing so from the same computer as the person using Cuadra's other e-mail accounts.

Cuadra's attorneys will begin cross-examing Murphy, who has testified for more than two hours this morning, after a short break.

Prosecutors allege Cuadra pretended to be "Moilin," a fictional potential model from King of Prussia, to gain access to Kocis' home.

8:31 AM: Harlow Cuadra's tenth day of trial should be under way. 77 witnesses have been called to testify for the prosecution thus far, and Trooper Murphy will continue his testimony this morning, then we should hear from Detective Lt. Daniel Yursha. As usual... stay tuned for further updates throughout the day.