Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Trip of a Lifetime (x2)...

On March 16, 2009, Harlow Cuadra was sentenced to two life sentences without parole for the brutal slaying of Bryan Kocis. Judge Peter Paul Olszewski, Jr., ordered that Harlow be sent to an SCI (State Correctional Institution) within 10 days of his sentence (but he wasn't) ... though from the words of a 'source':

'Just because the judge orders a transfer within so many days does not mean it necessarily happens that quickly. There's a lot of paperwork that has to be updated, and commitment forms need to be created. In addition... the jail transfers inmates twice a week, and they can only take so many at a time... so if there were a lot of SCI sentences in one particular week... they get backed up.'

Harlow Cuadra will be going to SCI Camp Hill on Tuesday... it's also my hope that we'll have a prison number for him on that day too... I'll report it accordingly.