Tuesday, August 7, 2007

'The Angel' Gives Harlow's Side of It

Harlow Cuadra’s official spokesperson, the bloggist on HarlowCuadraOnline.com, has released some new information about the case. The info is reputedly meant to correct the misapprehensions of ‘some bloggers’ interested in the case.

We at Harlow and Joe... On Trial believe in covering the whole story. So the Harlow camp deserves to have its say here. Let’s get to it.

The Angel of Truth writes: "Some bloggers have been noting on a few things taken from Harlow and Joes home when they searched it, the video tapes in question that are listed were videos that Harlow and Joe had made, the police confiscated all of the videos in the home...."

Good to know. Presumably, however, the police had hopes of finding those missing ‘master tapes.’ The question has to be asked then: is it Harlow and Joe themselves who have affirmed just what those tapes were? Or someone else who’d clearly know? Unless the source of that assertion is known, we must remain skeptical as to whether or not it is true.

The Angel again: “Joes mother has been notified by the police that they are going to return the guns to her, so as we can see there is no question as to whether a gun was used or not....”

As far as I know, no one has suggested that a gun was used.

and, "...the knife that he bought at the pawn shop that day was in the glove box of the BMW still in the paper and box it was sold to him in, never used...."

If true, that would be wonderful news for the Defense.

The bloggist Angel also has a remarkable view of the Vegas dinner, one never before released: "[Neither] Harlow nor Joe approached Sean or Grant about doing anything to Brian, the conversation was the other way around, there is an existing tape, that is the tape that Joe talks about in his email to Sean."

That would definitely disrupt the prosecution’s angle on things... if the tape could be produced. Where is it? Was it seized during the house search? Is it in the hands of Harlow and Joe’s attorneys?

More from Harlow’s spokesperson: "The situation at the restaurnt is not as it believed, Sean and Grant gave a good story but Harlow did them one better by breaking two very expensive glasses in the restaurant when they brought up the demise of Brian, at that point Harlow knocked over the glasses and asked the wait person for the check to get out of there."

That is good. Well-played.

Of course, putting the shoe so firmly on the other foot opens Harlow and Joe to all those criticisms that Sean and Grant have weathered.

For example, why didn’t Harlow and Joe try to warn this Kocis fellow that someone wanted him dead? Why did they send those demanding emails to Grant and Sean after they knew that these guys were potential killers? Who would want to work with people you had to shatter glass to escape?

Then, too, one must also ask why Harlow wrote on his blog at the time that the glasses were broken while he was ‘toasting Grant?’ And which is the more spontaneous recollection? The one written a few days later, or the one that arises in a prison cell?

Beyond that is Harlow's own description of the end of the party: "We all decided to leave before they kicked us out. Once out side I [had] mark take some pics of us mostly for myspace."

Why ever would you want souvenir photos of your encounter with such vile, murderous people?

In closing, we would like to thank the Angel of Truth for providing so much new information. It’s truly fascinating stuff.

-Both PC and KM contributed to this story.