Sunday, August 19, 2007

What To Expect

Assuming that there’s no further postponement, Monday is going to be a big day for all who follow this case: Harlow Cuadra and Joe Kerekes will have their Preliminary Hearing.

We’ve already talked about what’s likely to happen in court. Here’s what’s likely to happen here on this blog: We will do our best to present information that’s true, relevant and timely.

That word ‘true’ is first, because we’d rather post some snippet of info days after everyone else already has... if that’s how long it takes us to verify the truth of it.

Blogs are different than other media. At a newspaper, the people who put together the editorial page are set apart from the people who just gather and present facts. Here, there is no such firewall. And that means that part of what we do all day is gather facts, analyze information, form opinions, test them out, then present the results to you.

Whether you find veracity in our opinions depends on how much truth you find in our facts. If you can’t grant credibility to this blog when it reports facts, then necessarily you cannot find insight in our opinions.

We strive to perform both functions well, because opinions without truths are worthless. Likewise, truths without analysis are merely stale anecdotes.

So that’s what we seek to do here. We want to tell the truth as quickly as it can be discerned. We’re confident that that’s what our readers want. That’s what we’ve tried to do up to now. It’s what we intend to do tomorrow and all the days after that.

Our stories might not be scoops, but they will be as true as we can make them.

-Both PC and KM contributed to this story.