Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Silence of the Lambs Dinner...

The information that's already in the record about that fateful meal at Le Cirque may have something to tell us about Harlow's and Joe's possible intentions after the lamb was devoured and the champagne bottle was empty...

After their invite to Vegas, the foursome met for dinner at Le Cirque, where they discussed conducting business and possibly "trading scenes". Roy advised Cuadra and Kerekes that LSG could not embark in such an endeavor at that time, as they were in pending litigation with Bryan Kocis.

At some point during the conversation, Cuadra asked; "what if Bryan left the country, and what if he went to Canada", to which Lockhart responded with "then he'd only come back". Kerekes then added that "Harlow knows someone who would do anything for him".

The affidavit continues with saying that Roy looked at Harlow, and knew that he was talking about killing Kocis... stating to Cuadra that they didn't need Kocis to leave the country. The conversation then switched to another subject.

According to Harlow's blog, which also discusses the dinner at Le Cirque... they got drunk, "barely ate anything", Brent got up to use the restroom about "nine times", and that Cuadra apparently broke some champagne glasses. Not much information here:

Now what's really odd is that Mark ( aka Joe and Trent ) apparently distributes an email to their Boybatter subscribers just a few days later talking about "A HUGE UPDATE FOR XXX SITE" in which he discusses Harlow and Mark returning from Las Vegas, where they discussed a partnership in filming and a collaboration in porn site efforts with Brent Corrigan:

Based on Mark/Trent/Joe's statement... he seems really sure that something's going to happen, even though the affidavit states that Roy said nothing of this nature could happen at said time.

It has to make you wonder if Cuadra/Kerekes were determined to make this happen at all cost... or just a little slow at understanding what Roy/Lockhart said during their meeting... or is what Roy/Lockhart said to the police the truth? Guess it'll be up to a jury to decide (assuming it gets that far).

What's even more weird are the emails sent to Roy:

03/03/07 @ 1014 am
"hey grant its harlow so when we gonna start filming? U know we had an agreement Joe"

Followed by @ 1015 am:
"you need to make some king of contact with us before I tell them you hired us joe"

... and then within 2 minutes:
"and we all know what u said to us at the avn in vegas and have it on tape recorder and out conversation at le Cirque is recorded as well don't fuck with us"

then at 1043 am EST:
"we are going to visit san diego this week or next and we need to meet we hope to see u soon"

Gee... who sounds like the controlling one?

Just in case anyone was wondering... the 3 and 5-course dinner including lamb is $105 to $145 per-person. The menu can be viewed here:

- PC ... with KM's assistance.