Saturday, June 28, 2008

"All Our Plates Have Been Run"

From the Black's Beach Tapes:

"JOSEPH KEREKES: He was telling us to stay in South Beach to stay there, it's not safe, I said Barry everything looks good for us here, I wanna go home, I don't wanna lose our house, and we came home and its been fine. All our plates have been run by our State Trooper down at the end, everyday we ask him to and we're fine."

That would most likely be witness #198 ... Andrew Jordan who allegedly ran the plates. Trooper Andrew Jordan does live on Stratem Court, just down the street from Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes's house... at the 'end' of the Birdneck Woods cul-de-sac (I'm not posting the address).

So either what Joe said during the Black's Beach Tapes was a lie (no surprise if it was)... or Trooper Jordan might just want to consider another occupation if he already hasn't done so. Interestingly... Andrew Jordan is still on the DA's witness list... so perhaps we'll find out the truth sometime soon.