Monday, June 2, 2008

Cuadra Gets New Counsel for Appeal

After reviewing the dockets for Harlow Cuadra's appeal of the Fannick issue, I happened to notice a new attorney listed as counsel:

Scranton Bank Bldg 7th Fl
108 N Washington Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503

What's interesting is that there are now two dockets listed under Cuadra's appeal. The original docket is still there, and continues to list Harlow's already court appointed attorneys, while the new one was created on Friday, May 30, 2008. Not sure what's going on just yet, but will update this when I'm able to gather more information.

Update: Robert Buttner helps indigent defendants facing the death penalty in handling appeals to the state's Superior and Supreme courts, so it's highly unlikey he was hired/paid by Cuadra to do so, and yes... Mr. Buttner is now representing Harlow Cuadra for the appeal.