Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Official... PC's Going to PA...

I'll be there for the July 8th and 9th hearing, with pen and paper ready to go. Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes will be having a 2-day motions hearing, with possibly as many as 33-36 prosecution witnesses there to take the stand (including Renee, and a few other 'well-known' folks).

Should be an interesting time... and I'll be sure to report all of the details (minus fashion statements). Since most witnesses won't be able to stay in the courtroom until after they've made their appearance & statements... this should certainly make it even more informative.

It'll be an interesting trip/report to say the least, so expect lots of new pictures, and probably some 'new' incriminating facts against Harlow and Joe.

P.S... rumor has it that there might be some interesting news this upcoming Monday as well. Looks like it may be a 'cruel summer' afterall.

Update 06/16/08: What was expected to happen today didn't materialize... so the 'interesting' news will have to be delayed... or will it?