Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Pre-Paid Mobile Telephone

I was spending some time going over a previous post that I did about the Affidavit in Support of Application for Search Warrant, and just so happened to notice this little gem:

"The telephone number of 570-579-4437 was listed as having called the victim’s telephone number from January 22nd through January 24th, 2007. Information was requested from Verizon Wireless for information related to this number. The results of this request did not reveal a subscriber because it was a pre-paid mobile telephone. The telephone was activated on January 22nd, 2007 and the first calls were made from the Newport News area, which Cpl. Leo D. HANNON Jr. knows to be within the Commonwealth of Virginia. This area is within several miles of the CUADRA residence. The last call was made on January 24, 2007, shortly before the homicide of the victim. Said call originated from the Pittston area, which Cpl. Leo D. HANNON Jr. knows to be within Northeastern Pennsylvania, which is within several miles of the victim’s residence."

The "570" area-code happens to be for the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area. Now I don't know much about pre-paid mobile phones, but isn't it a little odd that Harlow Cuadra and/or Joseph Kerekes would be able to buy a phone in Virginia with a Pennsylvania area-code, not to mention the exact same one as the victim's?

I also find it odd that the phone was activated in Newport News, Virginia... it's well over 20 miles from Harlow and Joe's house. What makes this even stranger is that in the Affidavit of Probable Cause, it states:

"The initial phone call was placed on 01/22/07 at approx. 19:26 hrs, and was relayed from a cellular tower located on Bells Road, Virginia Beach, VA."

Now I guess this could mean that the phone was actually activated while they were in their vehicle on the way home, and that the first call to Bryan Kocis was made after they got home... who knows?

I'm beginning to wonder if Harlow and/or Joe went up to Pennsylvania before the infamous murder trip, bought the throw-away phone while they were up there doing "recon work" (would make it look like Harlow really was in PA when calling Bryan), and activated it while on their way back to Virginia Beach. Interstate-64 also happens to run through Newport News, and as Joe mentioned previously... that was the way he'd traveled to PA in the past.


Update: After reviewing the steps it takes to activate a Verizon Wireless prepaid phone, it's just as likely Harlow and Joe bought the phone in Virginia.

Update 2: I've noticed a few discrepancies between what Cpl. Leo Hannon states, and what the Affidavit of Probable Cause says. Perhaps it's no big deal, but it does make you wonder why the difference in locations.