Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Will the Prosecution Accept Their Plea?

While we've all speculated on whether a plea-deal would even be entertained by Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, I asked the above question to a court insider... here's their answer:

"As a prosecutor, metaphorically speaking, if Melnick sees a clear path to the end zone, why would he even think to kick a field goal? A plea to first degree (pass) or second degree (run) would guarantee the same style result - life in prison (a touchdown) whereas a third degree plea might let them out in 15-20 years (a field goal). In the scheme of Melnick doing his job - and to a greater degree, DA Jackie Musto Carroll keeping hers, going soft on a pair of perceived ruthless killers won't be looked on approvingly by Luzerne County voters. If there's a chance that both or one could walk, a deal might look better for the prosecutors... Perhaps there's something to the idea that one will flip. Kerekes was trying to talk with Cuadra from across the courtroom for several minutes during the hearing last week. Kerekes showed up in his usual prison garb while Cuadra was dudded up like Ira Glass from "This American Life."