Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Facts According to OUT...

Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes

The OUT article is, well... out, and like the story from Rolling Stone, it imparts new information. Some of it merely confirms what others (including PC and myself) have reported, and some of it is never-before-seen.

The Beginnings... Bryan & Sean & Grant:

—Early on, Sean Lockhart and Bryan Kocis chatted online for quite awhile. Bryan was charming; Sean admits to a bit of a crush.

—When he went to work for Bryan, Sean says he altered his birth certificate and his drivers’ license with Photoshop.

—Bryan was apparently worried about Sean’s real age as early as their second video shoot together.

—The idea to launch something like Brent Corrigan, Inc. arose quite promptly, as soon as Grant Roy and Sean's exclusive relationship began.

—During the summer of 2004, Bryan tried to talk Sean into going to a local college in Wilkes-Barre.

—Robert Wagner says Sean cheated on Grant with a stranger in New York City during the summer of 2004. Bryan felt betrayed by the same act.

Harlow & Joe... the Early Years:

—Harlow Cuadra grew up in Florida and South Carolina. He was estranged from his family until his arrest.

—Joe Kerekes' temper got him kicked out of the church and the Marines.

—Joe met Harlow in a Yahoo chat room, while Harlow was still in the Navy and still in the closet. This was 7 years ago. Both were in Virginia Beach, and remained in the area from then onward.

—Joe was already an escort when the pair met. He enticed Harlow into the work.

—Joe's abs are the fruits of liposuction.

—Joe's father confirms that Harlow’s and Joe’s debt was out of control at the time of the murder. He says it approached $1 million.

—Joe’s family was friendly, despite his and Harlow’s occupation: “Mom cleaned their house, cooked for them, and ran their errands.”

—Joe’s father helped remodel the Stratem Court house to make it a better brothel, installing what Joe’s mother coyly describes as “a super-duper shower. You could put 10 people in there."

When Grant & Sean met Harlow & Joe:

—At Le Cirque, when Harlow and Joe mentioned sending Bryan “to Canada,” Grant actually mentioned aloud the prospect that he and Sean would be immediate suspects in any killing, ruling out the idea.

—After that meeting, the harassment of Sean and Grant by Harlow and Joe (about their ‘deal’) began almost immediately.

—In this version of events, both Sean and Grant wore a wire on Black’s Beach.

Bryan Kocis House

There is no stunning new information about the circumstances of the murder in the OUT piece, nor is there much about the legal situation. That’s hardly surprising, as no one was likely to want to talk about a pending case.

So there it is... the OUT story. Have at it.

-Both PC and KM contributed to this story.