Sunday, September 16, 2007

Repercussions At Home

Joseph Kerekes

By all accounts, Joseph Kerekes' parents have treated him and Harlow Cuadra well— ladling out acceptance at the very beginning of Harlow's and Joe's partnership, right through to organizing a legal defense fund immediately upon their arrest in the Bryan Kocis murder.

Unfortunately, those arrests are still causing ever-widening consequences in Fred and Rosalie Kerekes' lives. Virginia Beach land records show that the Kerekes parents have sold their Dandelion Crescent home, and the deal was made just a day after Harlow and Joe were extradited to Pennsylvania.

They lived in the house since 1986, and the public record does not show them purchasing another piece of real estate since the July sale of the Dandelion Crescent property.

Now, it's certainly possible that the timing of the sale was a coincidence— land records don't show how long a house was on the market before a buyer was found. But any curious person could be excused for wondering whether the sale was an attempt to help fund Joe's defense, at least in part.

If the latter prospect turns out to be the true one, the loyalty of Fred and Rosalie Kerekes is to be highly commended, regardless of any other opinions one holds about the Kocis case in full.

However, one source close to the media's scrutiny of the case posits another, uglier reason for the sale, saying that some of the Kerekes' neighbors have been less than kind regarding Joe's legal predicament, thus inducing the Kerekes' family to leave.

Yes, frustratingly enough, it's info from yet another source speaking on condition of anonymity—one proven reliable up to now—but anonymous nonetheless. So, of course, it's up to you to decide which house-sale scenario is the more likely.

- Both PC and KM contributed to this story