Monday, September 10, 2007

A Pack of Lawyers & One Good Cop

Thumbnail sketches from a Luzerne county source with extensive knowledge of the Bryan Kocis case, and confirmed to have many years of up-close courthouse experience:

“William Ruzzo [Harlow Cuadra’s main attorney] is an excellent defense and trial lawyer. You can almost guarantee that he will pick huge holes in the investigation. And Thomas Cometa [Harlow’s other attorney] is known as a defense lawyer for those accused of arson.

“[However], the lead investigator on the case, State Police Cpl. Leo Hannon, is excellent. He's the type that crosses his T's and dots his I's before filing criminal complaints against a suspect. He's been involved in more than 100 homicide cases. Some were high profile. So knowing Hannon and his reputation, Ruzzo will have it tough.

“Joe and Frank Nocito [Joe Kerekes' attorney team] are known as plea-bargain lawyers. ...I've never seen them in action during trial.”

-Both PC and KM contributed to this story.