Sunday, September 9, 2007

Shall It Be Life, or Death?

Prison Cell
Harlow Cuadra’s and Joe Kerekes’ Formal Arraignment in the Bryan Kocis murder case will largely be just that, a formality.

But at that October 1st hearing, one dreadfully important scrap of information will be imparted: the DA’s office will notify the defendants (and announce to the court) whether or not the State will seek the death penalty.

After the magistrate dropped Burglary and Conspiracy to Commit Burglary charges at last month’s Preliminary Hearing, there was abundant rejoicing in some circles. The hope there was that the death penalty must now be ‘off the table.’

Indeed, removing those charges reduced the number of ‘aggravating factors’ that are taken into legal account in deciding whether or not the accused shall literally be on trial for their lives. But some of the charges that remain on the indictment are aggravating factors themselves... so, we won’t know exactly what the DA has planned for Harlow and Joe until he tells us on the first of next month.