Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Press Stirs

Journalist Benjamin Wallace has just begun work on a feature story recounting the incongruous life and bizarre death of Bryan Kocis, with special emphasis on the sometimes sordid world of bareback, twink porn. The patent strangeness of all of these events taking place in Luzerne county is sure to get high billing, as well.

The piece is set to run in Philadelphia magazine sometime this Fall.

Wallace started interviews last week, seeking info about last January’s crimes and the gay community’s reaction to them. Alongside, Wallace has been gauging the gay media’s seeming indifference to what has become a real-life whodunit in the gay blogosphere.

The Wallace story will join another, similar one by writer Michael Gross, slated for the October issue of OUT.

[In the interests of full disclosure: KM was interviewed for the Philadelphia piece, while PC fielded questions from the journalist for OUT.]