Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Joe's Docket Updated

Joseph Kerekes' court docket has been updated today with the following entries:

1. 10/29/2007 Def's request for Bill of particulars filed.
2. 10/29/2007 Def's Request for Bill of particulars under Rule 572 filed.
3. 10/29/2007 Certificate of Service

So far all of these filings are procedural matters done in every case. They really do not reveal anything. All it is is the defense asking for specific details, like the time of death, and such. It helps them prepare their pre-trial motions. Those often include more additional details of the case. It's interesting to note however that there hasn't been any activity filed on Harlow Cuadra's behalf since 10/18/07.

Note: This post originally reported that Harlow's docket had updated as well, and that was incorrect. I apologize for the error.