Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Evidence Presented Thus Far...

Ever since the 2-day preliminary hearing and scouring the original affidavit... I've worked on coming up with a comprehensive list of evidence being presented by the prosecution against Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, in the brutal murder of Bryan Kocis. This should not be considered a complete list, as I'm sure I may have overlooked something, but at least it's all in one easier to follow format:

  1. SUV Rental from Enterprise Leasing Company, using Harlow's Discover card. The miles driven matching a round-trip drive from Virginia Beach to PA. [reference]
  2. Two cell-phones used to make calls near Bryan Kocis home right after the fire in Bryan's house was reported to 911, both phones registered to Joseph Kerekes. [reference]
  3. Hotel check-in... paid cash at the Fox Ridge Inn for two nights using Joe's drivers liscene, during the same time-period Kocis was killed. [reference]
  4. Yahoo e-mail account setup from Harlow & Joe's Internet connection to talk exclusively with Bryan Kocis. [reference]
  5. Harlow and Joe not present at the Big House Gym on 01/23,24,25/07. [reference]
  6. Harlow and Joe are seen on video purchasing a knife and gun at Superior Pawn & Gun Shop the same day they rented the SUV, and a day before going to PA. [reference]
  7. Both originally denied being in PA and knowing Kocis... only to have Joe state in a jailhouse interview that they where both in PA, with Harlow at the murder scene. [reference]
  8. Credit reports showing that Harlow and Joe were almost $1 million dollars in debt. [reference]
  9. Tape recordings from Blacks Beach in which Harlow is heard saying "it was quick; he never saw it coming"... Cuadra also states that while he was at Bryan's residence... [reference]
  10. Two video camera's found in Harlow and Joe's possession, with the serial numbers rubbed off - both of which matched the make/model of cameras missing from Kocis' house. [reference]
  11. Justin Hensley testified he once heard Cuadra and Kerekes describe Cobra Video - owned by Kocis - as their biggest competitor in the adult film industry. [reference]
  12. Records of a pre-paid cellular telephone purchased in Virginia Beach used to talk exclusivly with Bryan Kocis, during the time span of 01/22/07 through 01/24/07. [reference]
  13. Background check done on Kocis, 01/20/07 using Cuadra's Discover Card, and Internet account. [reference]
  14. Robert Wagner, Kocis’ friend and former business associate, testified to Kocis planning to meet with a new model the night of the murder. Wagner said Kocis e-mailed him pictures of the model, who appeared to be Cuadra but was identified as “Danny.” [reference]
  15. 3 eye-witnesses reported seeing a light-colored SUV either parked in Kocis' driveway, or backing out. Amy Zamerowski said she saw a light-colored SUV backing out of Kocis' driveway around 8:30 p.m. Firefighters arrived less than 10 minutes later, she said. [reference]
  16. Grant Roy, a fellow pornography producer, testified the two Virginia Beach men accused of killing the 44-year-old in January described the inside of Kocis' home and recounted details of how the murder transpired. But, Roy also testified that neither Cuadra nor Kerekes ever specifically admitted to committing the crime at 60 Midland Drive in Dallas Township, but referenced it in vague terms. [reference]
  17. On 01/29/07, user Harlow Cuadra posted an inquiry related to the use of video camera HVR-ZI/DHR-FX1. Said camera is the same model which was found to be removed from the victim's residence at or around the same time of his death. It is also the same model camera which was seized from the accuseds' residence pursuant to the search warrant on 02/10/07. Said camera had all serial numbers forcibly obliterated from same. Here's the post: http://dvinfo.net/conf/showthread.php?t=85094
  18. Information regarding the victim's watch having been stolen or information regarding the ingestion of alcohol had not been reported to the public, yet the Defendants were aware of those pieces of evidence.
  19. Joseph Kerekes confesses to 3 different inmates that he was involved in the murder, along with Harlow Cuadra.
  20. Harlow sends a handwritten letter to Nep, coaching him on telling a story of how he was with Harlow the day of the murder.
  21. Harlow tries to recruit former escort client Howard Mitchell Hallford to lie and act as an alibi witness.
  22. Joseph Kerekes talks to Renee Martin over the phone about "Plan B"... yet another possible alibi for the murder.
  23. Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes discuss "Plan B" during a jailhouse 3-way with Renee.
  24. Harlow Cuadra blurts the following statement during his transport to Pennsylvania: “I remember this. It’s a long tunnel”.
  25. While they were commencing this trip in Virginia Beach, Kerekes asked Cpl. Hannon why they “weren’t taking the Route 264 West route” as he had taken that route prior to when he had made trips to Pennsylvania.
  26. Harlow and Joe purchase a second knife at a Wal-Mart in PA on the day of the murder.

Potential evidence that we still don't know the status of:

  • The knife found by Kocis' body.
  • Some of the items seized during the search warrant served at Harlow and Joe's Virginia Beach house.