Sunday, October 14, 2007

Harlow's Jacket of Mystery

Update (10-18-07 12:17 PM): Harlow's jacket auction ended with one bid of $2500.00 ... it's not known if that bid will actually be accepted however, as the reserve price was never met.

Harlow Cuadra's Jacket

According to Harlow Cuadra's blog, he's selling a Chinchilla Jacket on Ebay for a starting bid of $2500.00. The auction states that the jacket was originally designed for Van Diesel [sic.] in the movie TripleX. The auction also leads one to believe that the jacket was worth $20,000.00 at the time of purchase (March 2007), in a Las Vegas Bernini store... on the same night as the infamous lamb dinner.

A Google search for “Bernini Chinchilla jacket” gives you: "Reversible Leather Rabbit Jacket - Reversible Leather Rabbit Jacket available for sale at Bernini Italian ... Dyed chinchilla-pattern rabbit hair reverses to become the lining or outer layer".

Bernini's website does show a surprisingly similar jacket for sale... but it's rabbit, and sells for only $5995.00:

It should also be noted that a current search on Bernini's clearly shows that they don't offer anything with Chinchilla (for men or women).

Ironically, it also doesn't appear as if Vin Diesel wore a jacket like Harlow's in the movie TripleX ( which screened in 2002 ):

OUT Magazine's October 2007 issue (page 90) quotes Joe's father, Fred Kerekes saying: "Joe had a $6,000 chinchilla coat he bought in Vegas. It was leather inside - it was reversible"... interesting how similar in price and description that is to the rabbit fur coat... not to mention that it's during the same time-frame Harlow claims to have bought his.

We're not trying to dispute Harlow's auction story, but with the information found... it does raise some legitimate questions.