Saturday, October 6, 2007

To Believe... or Not To Believe [Redux]

Joseph Kerekes

After listening to the video feed from the Times Leader several times, Joseph Kerekes is clearly heard blaming the detectives in Virginia Beach for seizing his, and Harlow Cuadra's money and property. The questions is ... who's telling the truth when it comes to the actual dollar amount?

The Citizens Voice quoted Joe as saying "I'm very angry they took $200,000 of our money"; while the Times Leader also reported that Joe said police seized $200,000 and property from him and co-defendant Harlow Cuadra for no reason.

Yet Virginia Beach Court records clearly show that they only took $26,585.25 in monetary funds:

Virginia Forfeiture

What happened to the other $174,414.75?

Did two separate newspapers get the same quote wrong, or did Joe mistakingly add a '0' ?

Perhaps it's like the story Joe just recently posted on his own blog ( or someone acting as him ), stating that they had 40 computers:

What's odd is VA seized only 2 computers and 5 monitors. Were's the other 38 computers? Perhaps Mamma Kerekes cleaned house really well:

- PC