Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Immediate Questions

Joseph Kerekes

Breaking news is not always accurate in every detail. We must consider that when assessing the information released by the Times Leader and Citizens’ Voice so far.

Bearing that fully in mind, a number of potential questions and discrepancies do arise.

1. Joe Kerekes is said to be angry that Pennsylvania State Police took $200,000 away from him and Harlow Cuadra, along with their home. He goes further, according to the reports, saying that the seizures were for no reason. What a curious thing to claim. Money and property were certainly seized but by the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s office, not the PA State Police. And the house was given back. Add to that, the knowledge that the money was thusly taken in the course of a pending RICO prosecution—hardly taken for no reason.

2. The articles also have Joe saying that he and Harlow need that money for their legal fees. But the pair’s outstanding debts would have almost certainly removed that money from them long before it could have been applied to legal fees. Anger does not change that fact.

3. We now hear that the Public Defenders office is involved in Harlow and Joe’s case. When exactly did they become involved? And do Harlow and Joe enjoy the same lawyers now—under court appointment—that they did by private means? Who are their new lawyers, if they have new ones?

Yes, here’s hoping that the longer articles expected tomorrow answer some questions... foremost being, are the reports confused, or are the defendants?