Friday, July 11, 2008

Howard Mitchell Hallford Interview... Alibi Witness 2

Det. Lt. Yursha read the homicide investigation action report and interview/statement sheet that was prepared on 02-22-07 concerning the interview between Howard Mitchell Hallford and Det. Lt. Yursha/Cpl. Hannon. Hallford stated that the contents in both documents were correct to the best of his knowledge.

On 05-17-07 at 4:12 P.M. Hallford stated that Harlow Cuadra came to his residence between the dates of 01-21-07 and 02-04-07, exact day unknown, sometime between 3:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. Harlow told Hallford that he was very upset about his picture being out there on the Internet, and a person of interest, in a murder in Pennsylvania. Harlow went to Hallford's laptop computer and visited the Citizens' Voice newspaper site (website). Harlow showed Hallford the picture and article of him-self contained in the article. Harlow was concerned about the picture and article. Harlow told Hallford I was at home, you know me, I'm a home-body. Harlow told Hallford he was home the night of the murder ( Brian Kocis murder in Pennsylvania ). Harlow then told Hallford I didn't have an alibi.

Approximately (5) five days later, Harlow called Hallford and stated that he needed an alibi witness and asked Hallford if he would act as one (alibi witness). Hallford stated he would help Harlow out. Harlow asked Hallford to contact attorney Barry Taylor who represents (Cuadra) Harlow, and to let him know that I (Hallford) would be an alibi witness.

Harlow called approximately (3) three or (4) four times to Hallford, and asked Hallford to meet with Barry Taylor and let Taylor know he would be an alibi witness. Hallford stated that he knew he was going to be an alibi witness for a person (Harlow) for a murder committed in Pennsylvania. Harlow was in fact a person of interest for this murder (Bryan Kocis). Hallford stated he knew this information when he met with attorney Barry Taylor at his office.

Harlow called Hallford, Hallford told Harlow that the police authorities from Pennsylvania interviewed him and that it didn't go very well, that it wasn't a good alibi, that the date in question wasn't definitive. Harlow then called attorney Barry Taylor and then called Hallford back and stated to Hallford "that a bad alibi witness is better than no alibi witness"

Hallford stated that he went to Barry Taylor for Harlow, because they are very close companions, have an intimate relation-ship and he was concerned about Harlow's well being. Hallford also felt underline pressure's that if he didn't cooperate there may be a problem with Joe Kerekes. Hallford stated that Kerekes was very aggressive and a controlling individual toward Harlow. Hallford was concerned about his and Harlow's welfare in this regard.