Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joe's Alibi Witness Interview(s)

Synopsis: On 1-30-2008 Attorney's for Joseph Kerekes filed a notice in which indicated that Matthew Brannon may be an alibi witness for Kerekes. On 02-01-2008 Brannon indicates that he has no knowledge of the reason he may be considered an Alibi Witness for Kerekes.

Details: On 02-01-2008 this officer contacted Brannon reference this investigation, Brannon adviced this officer that he was not in the company of Joseph Kerekes or Harlow Cuadra on January 24, 2007. He did not recall any personal contacts with them on said date. Brannon indicated that he was previously interviewed by the Pa. State Police regarding Kerekes and Cuadra and reported information that he had within his knowledge information regarding January 24, 2007 was previously reported on HAR page 271.

Brannon also stated that Cuadra owed him approximately $4,000 which prepaid for a booking. Brannon also stated that he believes that he was being deceived by Cuadra and the person representing to be Mark or Trent.

Brannon sent this officer two emails regarding the aforementioned paragraph. Brannon also forwarded this officer emails which he had saved from Cuadra and/or Kerekes.