Saturday, July 5, 2008

Motions Hearing... Some Attendance Tips

With Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes' motions hearing begining this Tuesday, I figured I'd share the following information/tips for those of you that plan to attend... hopefully it'll answer some questions you might have.

Once in the courthouse, you'll want to go to the third floor, there will be someone at a podium directly in front of the elevator. That person will have the court schedules for all the judges that day and week. Just ask them where the Cuadra/Kerekes hearing is and they'll let you know.

I'm almost positive it will be in courtroom #2, it's easy to find. Get there a little early though, as PPO likes to start right on time. I wouldn't expect a line to get in, but in some cases, The sheriff has put additional security, on top of the courthouse security at the entrances, to scan people going in to the hearing. If they do, that could take a little longer and create a line. If that's not in place, you'll be able to walk right in and grab a seat. The front rows on each side will likely be closed for security issues.

Also, if there's any documents that you'd like to have copies of, the Clerk of Courts office is located on the second floor. There is a public access computer as soon as you walk in. The directions are on there and its pretty easy to use. Everything publicly filed on the case is scanned in there. You just have to pay for whatever you print out. It's like a quarter a page or something.