Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joe's Alibi Witness Interview (3)

At approx. 1200hrs Tpr. Brian MURPHY sent an em ail message to for the individual reading this email to contact the State Police. This particular email address was in contact with in and around the date of the victims Homicide.

At approx. 1240hrs an individual who identified himself as the following called the Area II Computer Crime Office.

BRANNON indicated he was calling for Tpr. MURPHY as a result of an email he received from him on this date. He said he was the owner of the email address " ". BRANNON provided the above listed biographical information. BRANNON was asked if he new why the PA State Police would be contacting him about a Homicide investigation. He said it was about the picture of the guy we were looking for. He said he saw the news reports and the picture and he said he was with the guy in the picture on 01/19 and 01/20 in Virginia Beach. He said the guy was Harlow Cuadra.

BRANNON said CUADRA picked him up at his hotel (Hilton) on 01/19/2007 and took him to a home located at 1028 Stratem Court, Virginia Beach, VA, where he spent approx. 6 hours with him from 1400hrs to 2000hrs. Also at the residence on this date was a male by the name of 'Trent". BRANNON said he took him back to his hotel and picked him back up on 01/20/2007 where he spent approx. 5 hours with him from 0800hrs to 1300hrs. BRANNON said no one else was at this residence on the 20th.

BRANNON said he came in contact with CUADRA through the following web site:

BRANNON said he called him on the telephone via a telephone number he received from the web site 757-717-0233.

BRANNON said this was the first time he met CUADRA.

BRANNON was asked if he knew a person by the name of "Mark" (emails recovered from CUADRA to BRANNON are signed by Mark). BRANNON said the he received email messages from CUADRA'S email but they were signed "Mark". He said he thought this was weird and asked CUARDA if "Mark" was his father. He said CUADRA said "No". BRANNON said he assumed that Mark was CUADRA but didn't inquire further about it.

BRANNON indicated the he will be in Newport News VA from 03/08 to 03/22/2007 and would be willing to drive to a southern portion of Pennsylvania for an interview with investigators on 03/10/2007. He requested contact be made with him via either of his cellular numbers provided.

Tpr. Michael J. GOWNLEY