Thursday, July 31, 2008

Advising of Criminal Charges: Joseph Manuel Kerekes

Joseph Kerekes

Advising of Criminal Charges: Joseph Manuel Kerekes - by Cpl. Leo D. HANNON, Jr., Pennsylvania State Police:

SYNOPSIS: On 05/15/07, this Trooper along with Special Agent James GLENN, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Scranton Office, traveled to Virginia Beach, Virginia and met with aforementioned accused to advise him of criminal charges which were brought against him as well as to attempt interview.

DETAILS: As has been previously reported herein, on 05/15/07 at approx 0930 hrs this Trooper along with Tprs. B. MURPHY and S. POLISHAN, Sgt. Douglas HIGGINS, Dallas Twp Police Dept and Det. Daniel YURSHA, Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office, filed criminal charges against aforementioned accused as well as Harlow Raymond CUADRA. Same date, while this Trooper along with Special Agent (SA) GLENN, Det. YURSHA, and Sgt. HIGGINS were traveling to Virginia Beach, Va said officers were notified that both accused had been apprehended within said jurisdiction. Officers continued to the Virginia Beach Police Department, where both accused were being held on Fugitive From Justice warrants. It should be noted that both KEREKES and CUADRA were held separately within interview rooms inside of the Detective Division. Neither accused was handcuffed at the time of this Trooper’s arrival, and restroom facilities were available within said interview rooms. Same date at approx 2012 hrs., this Trooper along with SA GLENN met with aforementioned accused. This Trooper asked KEREKES if he had been advised of his Miranda Warnings, to which he stated that he was. This Trooper was then advised by KEREKES that he wished to speak with his attorney prior to interview, This Trooper then advised KEREKES that other than biographical information, he would be asked no questions related to this investigation. This Trooper also advised KEREKES that a synopsis of the charges and supporting affidavit would be explained to KEREKES and that he may ask any questions he wished regarding same. This Trooper also advised KEREKES that should he require to utilize rest room facilities or request a drink, etc., to advise this Trooper. Biographical information of KEREKES, as offered by KEREKES, is as follows:

Joseph Manuel KEREKES, W/N-M DOB: 12/30/73, 33Y0A
1028 Stratem Court, EMPLOYER: Self; Norfolk Male Companions
Virginia Beach, Va., 23451 -a male escort and pornography business
SSN: xxxxxxxxx -so employed approx 6.5-7 years
Paramour/co-habitant; Harlow Raymond CUADRA

KEREKES added that he was born within the state of Montana, however he was raised primarily in Virginia Beach, Va., where his parents and sister currently reside. His brother, Daniel KEREKES, currently resides in Kansas City, Kansas. KEREKES attended and matriculated from Green Run High School, Virginia Beach, Va. He also attended three and a half years at the Valley Forge Christian College; an Assembly of God school, located in Phoenixvillè, Pa.. KEREKES studied Theology at said institution however dropped out prior to graduating. Approx “seven years ago”, KEREKES enlisted into the Marine Corps through a local recruiting station. KEREKES stated that his military attendance was for a duration of three days at Paris Island, North Carolina, KEREKES added; I wasn’t cut out for it. They classified me as “unfit for duty”. KEREKES added that he does use the AKAs of “Mark and “Trent” when conducting business with his company.

This Trooper asked KEREKES if officers from Virginia Beach Police advised him of the charges which had been levied against him. KEREKES advised that they had not. This Trooper also asked KEREKES who his attorney of record would be, to which he stated; “Barry TAYLOR is my attorney. I’ve been using Atty. BREWER for these past events, though”. KEREKES added that TAYLOR has been a client of Norfolk Male Companions for approx six years. KEREKES further added that his legal counsel preference would be Atty. BREWER.

This Trooper advised KEREKES that he was under arrest for the murder of Bryan KOCIS, then enumerated, one by one, the charges which had been brought forth against KEREKES. At the completion of same, this Trooper asked KEREKES if he understood what had been explained, to which he answered in the affirmative, and followed up with; “I understand the words, but I don’t understand why I’ve been charges with this. This is sad, but I never knew Bryan KOCIS. All I’ve ever known of him is what I’ve read in the newspapers”. It should be noted that KEREKES’ initial denial of the victim was repeated several times. It should also be noted that KEREKES’ posture at that point was upright. His expressions were direct, and. his speech was lucid and confident,

This Trooper then began to review the affidavit of probably cause with KEREKES. KEREKES was advised that email arrangements had been made between CUADRA, under the aka of Danny MOILIN and the victim, and that the IP addresses of many said emails came back to CUADRA/KEREKES’ residence, KEREKES was also advised that a disposable track style phone utilized to contact the victim was traced to the Virginia Beach Area, specifically to a tower several hundred yards from KEREKES’ residence. This Trooper also illustrated email and phone contact between KEREKES, Sean LOCKHART, and Grant ROY. This Trooper also advised KEREKES that two video cameras believed to be owned by the victim were found at KEREKES’ residence with the serial numbers removed. Additionally, the email address utilized by CUADRA to contact the victim, specifically DMBOTTOMPA came back to KEREKES’ residence, to which computers seized from same proved to contain valuable investigative information. KEREKES stated that would be “impossible” because the computers formerly within his home were “dummies” and “didn’t contain anything”. KEREKES added that he never heard the name “Danny Moilin” before. Additionally, KEREKES stated that CUADRA rarely sent emails for himself, and that KEREKES usually sent emails for him.

KEREKES was also advised of the discovery of USA people search background investigation which was conducted on the victim at the charge to CUADRA, as well as the background that was found regarding contact between KEREKES, CUADRA, LOCKHART, and ROY. KEREKES interjected that the foursome “had a harmless meeting in Vegas once the lawsuit was settled” between the victim and LOCKHART.

KEREKES was also advised about the conversation between CUADRA and LOCKHART the morning after the victim’s murder, whereby CUADRA directed LOCKHART to view the WNEP website and followed up with the statement; “I guess my guy went overboard”, KEREKES denied any knowledge of any such call, and exclaimed; “Are you gonna believe the wards from the lips of that boy? (referring to LOCKHART), it wasn’t about money; we have money". This Trooper advised KEREKES that phone records were ob auie corroborating the information, and also advised KEREKES that no one had made mention about money being the motive for this crime. KEREKES became quiet. This Trooper also informed KEREKES about the information received regarding CUADRA’s accessing a website in an effort to learn how to operate the two cameras with the removed serial numbers believed to be the victim’s. KEREKES was also informed about interviews with confidential informants who corroborated information received about a “million dollar deal” sought by KEREKES and CUADRA.

This Trooper then advised KEREKES about the information gleaned about the Nissan Xterra rented by CUADRA on 01/23/07, to which KEREKES interrupted; “we rented that (vehicle) for the weather. We had some bookings to get to”. It should be noted that KEREKES did not offer any names of said “bookings” or the locations thereof. This Trooper then stated that the mileage on the vehicle was commensurate with traveling from KEREKES’ residence to that of the victim and then returning. This Trooper then advised KEREKES about emails sent from KEREKES to Grant ROY in which KEREKES wrote; “we’ll tell them (police) that you hired us”, KEREKES stated that he did send that email in a “drunken rage”, and that he was “upset that they (ROY and LOCKHART) stopped talking to us’. KEREKES continued; “Barry (TAYLOR) was upset at that”.

KEREKES was advised that both he and CUADRA were observed on surveillance video purchasing a knife and pistol on 01/23/07. KEREKES stated; “we've used that pawn shop for years”. When advised of his selling numerous items at said pawn shop on 02/10/07, the same date of the search warrant service at his residence, he acknowledged same and exclaimed; “This is good, This is exciting!”. KEREKES then went on to again deny ever meeting with or seeing the victim.

This Trooper then advised KEREKES that it was gleaned through investigation that he rented a room at the Fox Ridge Inn the night before the victim’s murder, how he paid for the room, and that the afforded his Virginia Driver’s License in order to secure the room. KEREKES was also reminded that the rented Nissan Xterra was identified by neighbors of the victim as being the vehicle outside the victims residence at the time of his murder. This Trooper also advised KEREKES that both his cell phone and the cell phone utilized by CUADRA to contact the victim was registered as connecting with the tower near the victim’s residence immediately after the victim’s murder. KEREKES began to cry, and swore on his mother’s life that he.was not the one who killed the victim. KEREKES then asked this Trooper; “what are you looking for?”, to which this Trooper stated; “the truth”, KEREKES responded; “I want to tell you the truth”. This Trooper then advised KEREKES to search within himself and discuss his intentions with his legal counsel. This Trooper further stated that all information received from KEREKES, if any, would be thoroughly investigated and corroborated, and advised KEREKES against falsifying any statement(s).

At approx 2155 hrs., KEREKES requested something to eat, to which this Trooper afforded him with a “Snickers” candy bar and a bottle of lemonade.

This Trooper then began to review conversations held between KEREKES, CUADRA, LOCKHART, and ROY while at the “Crabcatchers” restaurant in San Diego, California which were contained within the affidavit of probable cause, KEREKES again began to question the verity of statements he assumed were at the word of LOCKHART, ROY or both. KEREKES again referred to a “drunken meal” attended by aforementioned foursome while in Las Vegas and made no statements regarding statements made by both he and CUADRA regarding the victim “going to Canada” and “Harlow’s client” who would do “anything for him”. This Trooper then advised KEREKES that an electronic intercept was conducted before, during, and after the meal at “Crabcatchers”. With that, KEREKES’ expression turned drawn. This Trooper advised KEREKES that at one point in their conversations, ROY asked KEREKES and CUADRA if the victim “felt any pain”, to which CUADRA leaned toward LOCKHART and stated; “don’t worry, he went quick”. KEREKES acknowledged hearing the question asked by ROY, but offered no further comment. He denied hearing any response by CUADRA. This Trooper then reminded KEREKES of his statement that he and CUADRA would “answer any questions on the nude beach”, to which KEREKES stated; “we did a lot of things to egg them on”, This Trooper then advised KEREKES that another electronic intercept was conducted at “Blacks Beach”, to which KEREKES had no response. This Trooper then began to illustrate some of the conversation intercepted during said intercept, again which was contained within the affidavit of probable cause in which KEREKES and CUADRA spoke of the interior of the victim’s residence as well as the destruction of evidence obtained from the interior of same. KEREKES interjected; “Barry’s (TAYLOR) investigator showed us pictures of the inside and outside of the (victim’s) house”.

This Trooper then advised KEREKES that after consultation with his attorney should he see fit to speak with this Trooper to have his legal counsel contact this Trooper arid a meeting would be scheduled. KEREKES stated that he wished to afford a statement, however he wished to speak with an attorney first. This Trooper then explained to KEREKES the process which would initiate from that pdint and explained the process of extradition. This Trooper then asked KEREKES if he had any additional questions, to which he asked; “Are LOCKHART and ROY in custody?” to which this Trooper answered in the negative.

Same date at approx 2204 hrs., this Trooper and SA GLENN exited interview room to which Detectives with the Virginia Beach Police Department transported KEREKES and CUADRA to the Virginia Beach Prison subsequent to Fugitive from Justice warrants.