Friday, August 1, 2008

The Tales Some Tell...

Please note that this post is based upon my own personal opinion/experience/findings ... it should not be confused as an immediate statement of fact:

From a blog post dated this past Saturday... DeWayne In San Diego made the following comment:

"Michael Kocis with his Son in Law (Melody's husband) walked up to Sean and Grant in the courthouse there to testify as Prosecution witness's in the trial of the two alleged murderers of HIS son!

Michael Kocis said "These are the two scumbags who KILLED my son!"

Sean replied "Your Son was a FUCKING Pedophile" "And the Apple didn't fall far from the tree!"

Grant filed a formal complaint on behalf of both with the DA's office for Witness Intimidation and Interference with two state witnesses on Official business

Fortunately I'm here to disagree...

First of all, Michael Kocis and his son-in-law where not there to testify... they were simply there as spectators... just like they have been for almost every hearing in the past... and who could really blame them?

Secondly... I had the opportunity to watch, and listen to Michael Kocis' every move and words during the last two-day hearing (to the best of my knowledge DeWayne has ever met him) ... not once did the 70-something-year-old-man come across as someone that would make a statement like that.

Thirdly, even if Mr. Kocis did make that statement (which I still personally doubt) ... how rude and disrespectful for Sean and/or Grant to reply in the way they allegedly did... while some would like to believe that it's entirely possible Sean and Grant had nothing to do with the murder, they seem to forget that it's also possible Michael Kocis had nothing to do with Bryan's business... to insinuate that the father of a deceased son should also be blamed for alleged bad acts is just plain stupid... as was Sean/Grant's alleged comment.

Fourthly... I'm unable to find any evidence of a formal complaint being filed by either Sean or Grant... though I've also heard that the Kocis family intends to sue them as well... at this point... I'll believe whatever I can actually see via police/court documents... thus far there's none.

The constant spin just needs to stop... just show me the documents... please.