Sunday, August 3, 2008

Homicide Investigation Action Report: Post Operation Debriefing

This is the final installment of the homicide investigation action report, in regards to the wiretap of Harlow Cuadra, Joseph Kerekes, Grant Roy, and Sean Lockhart in San Diego/La Jolla California. If you haven't already read Post 1 and/or Post 2 in regards to this subject, please do so first... and this final post should make more sense.


On 04/28/07, a second electronic intercept of conversations between ROY, LOCKHART, CUADRA and KEREKES was conducted at an area known as ‘Blacks Beach”, San Diego, Ca. For specific information relative to said operation, refer to Homicide Action Report of Det. Daniel YURSHA, Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office.

Following that action, a post operation debriefing was conducted by this Trooper with Grant Andrew ROY at the San Diego Police Department Homicide Unit conference room. Said debriefing commenced same date at approx 2045 hrs., and concluded at approx 2319 hrs.. While ROY was being interviewed, he afforded this Trooper with a diagram confirming the location of all parties intercepted while on a beach blanket on the beach. This Trooper also was afforded a recording of said intercept by Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Andrew PAPPAS which was reviewed by this Trooper and ROY. Several photographs taken by Agent PAPPAS during said intercept operation were also stored on the compact disk afforded to this Trooper by Agent PAPPAS.

Compact disk recordings of both electronic intercepts were seized by this Trooper and subsequently transported to Pa State Police Wyoming Barracks and entered into evidence under property #P1-7225S. Original copy of diagram completed by ROY illustrating locations on Black’s Beach was also entered into evidence by this Trooper under property #P1-7225U.

Transcripts of all recordings obtained subsequent to aforementioned operations on 04/27/07 and 04/28/07 were completed by Pa State Police Wyoming cIerk/typist Kathy RYNKIEWICZ. This Trooper reviewed same and advised of any/all corrections to be made.

(PC's note: This report was written by Cpl. L. Hannon of the Pennsylvania State Police.)