Saturday, August 9, 2008

So Who Did It?

"Approx “seven years ago”, KEREKES enlisted into the Marine Corps through a local recruiting station. KEREKES stated that his military attendance was for a duration of three days at Paris Island, North Carolina, KEREKES added; I wasn’t cut out for it. They classified me as “unfit for duty”. "

3 days at Marine Corps boot camp certainly doesn't qualify you as being a Marine, and Joe certainly wouldn't have had any kind of combat training during that short visit.

"Furthermore, Chief Vivian testified that when he went into the house with the State Police Fire Marshall, they found two smoke detectors which were removed from their mounts, the first floor smoke detector was placed on a table near the wall and the upstairs smoke detector was lying on the bathroom floor off the main hallway. "

Someone that takes the time to place a smoke detector on a table, certainly doesn't seem like a person that's in any great hurry. One would think that if you where, you'd rip the things down, and not care where they landed.

"Amy Zamerowski recalls that she turned onto Midland Drive at precisely 8:26 p.m. When she pulled into the Withers’ driveway, there was a light colored SUV backing out of the Kocis driveway. "


"In reviewing the records for Kerekes’ multiple cell phones, it was determined that one cell phone registered to Kerekes placed a call to another cell phone registered to Kerekes at 8:34 p.m. January 24, 2007. The signal from this call bounced off a cell tower located at Country Club Road, Dallas, Pennsylvania which can be seen from the Kocis residence. "

That's an eight minute difference in time... yet the call was placed from the same area... and then we have:

"Chief Vivian, of the Dallas Township Fire Dept states the fire was called in at 8:35 p.m."

So many interesting quotes... I'll add more to this post shortly, but here's my theory thus far... and again I say it's only a theory. This should in no way be construed as fact:

Both Harlow and Joe went to Bryan's house that night... Harlow met with Bryan while Joe waited in the SUV, sending emails through his wireless Internet in the hopes of creating an alibi.

Harlow slips a drug in Bryan's drink... slits Bryan's throat figuring that it would take care of things (remember, he was an alleged Navy corpsman)... then lets Joe in. There are no defensive wounds found... so this would tell me that the slice was not done by some 'dude' that 'just came around'.

After nearly decapitating him... Bryan's body is still moving, so Harlow and Joe panic figuring he's not dead, and then proceed to stab him 28 times to ensure the deed is done, or when any motion finally stops.

Harlow and Joe then proceed to take all of the items they knew they wanted... computer towers, 2257's, etc... the Rolex was an extra 'gift' - which I think they pawned as alleged by Joe in the CCT's.

I also think the knife bought at the Wilkes-Barre Walmart was done as a ruse... they either used the knife purchased in Virginia Beach to commit the crime, and used the Walmart knife as 'left-behind' evidence, or they bought the knife in VB, figuring the PA police would never know that they purchased another in Wilkes-Barre. Either-way, I think the DA has the murder weapon.

Meanwhile... what are your thoughts of how the murder took place?

... I'll share more of mine tomorrow.