Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Homicide Investigation Action Report: Victim Checklist

LAST KNOWN LOCATION SEEN: Victim was last confirmed to be seen on 01/24/07 at approx 1405 hrs as he picked up a “to go” order at “Really Cookin” café, Dallas, Pa.. Victim was seen by one George F. CREEL, proprietor of same. Additionally, victim was engaged in telephone conversations with several individuals in the early evening hours on 01/24/07.

VICTIM’S ACTIVITIES FOR PREVIOUS SEVENTY-TWO HOURS: Refer to specific reports contained herein.

WILL/OTHER FINANCiAL INFORMATION: Victim did have a will, in which he bequeathed his possessions to his sister and other family members. The victim did hold checking/savings accounts at registered and licensed financial institutions. Although the victim had filed for bankruptcy in 2001, he appeared to be current with financial obligations at the time of his death.

FRIENDS: The victim was known to be friends and associated with one Robert WAGNER, New York, NY., and Lauren KAYE, Harvey’s Lake, Pa..

KNOWN ENEMIES: At the time of his death, the victim had just settled a bitter contract dispute with a former paramour and actor/model, one Sean LOCKHART. LOCKHART’s current paramour and businës is one Grant Andrew ROY.

VEHICLES OWNED/ROUTINE ACCESS TO: Victim owned and had regular acces to a BMW sport utility vehicle Pa Reg: XXXXXXX, a Maseratti coupe, Pa Reg: XXXXX, and an Astin Martin coupe, Pa Reg: XXXXXXX.

HABITS/TRAVEL/SOCIAL PERSONALITY/EATING: Victim traveled rather extensively to exotic locales pursuant to business, utilizing commercial air travel. Victim purveyed a generally social personality, and ate at several establishments on a regular basis including aforementioned “Really Cooking” café, “Damien’s On the Lake”, and “Pic-A-Deli”, Plains Twp., Pa..

VICTIM’S RESIDENCE EXAMINED: Victim’s residence was extensively searched over the course of several days as shall be thoroughly described herein.


Note from PC: This report was written by Cpl. Leo Hannon, but this is the only page that was submitted as an exhibit in a defendants joint reply brief to Commonwealth's brief in opposition to motion to suppress April 2007 intercepts at Crab Catcher and Black's Beach. I'll be posting this brief in the next day or two.