Sunday, July 20, 2008

The #97 Phone Call Surprise?

The following is the transcript of a phone conversation between Renee Martin and Joseph Kerekes. This call took place while Kerekes was being held at the Virginia Beach jail. This is termed transcript #97 by the Luzerne County District Attorneys Office:

Joeseph Kerekes: Hey, Renee?

Renee Martin: Hello.

Joseph Kerekes: Yea.

Renee Martin: Okay.

Joseph Kerekes: Ohh, umm yea without... I, really can't say on the phone, but what you, what that guy.... I know I'm... that wasn't correct.

Renee Martin: Okay, all I'm saying Joe is, is whatever the truth is, if the truth is the truth, then your lawyer is going to be able to prove, okay, hypothetically, and I'm saying this on my part, if you were in PA, there's got to be some trail of you being there, okay? Mind you, you have a guy at a hotel saying that you checked in there with your driver's license, okay? Did you go to get anything to eat? Did you go anyplace else? Is there anybody else who saw you? Did Harlow have appointments while you were there? Did you have appointments while you were there? There has got to be a trial, okay?

Joseph Kerekes: Well, he didn't make a copy of the driver's license.

Renee Martin: Oh, okay, whether he did or he didn't, I am just saying, okay, now like I was telling you earlier, they have three scenarios, okay? Either you and Harlow were there with Brent Corrigan Brent Corrigan was there with Harlow and Roy Grant or Roy Grant and ah, Brent Corrigan were there with you, so they're basically saying that there were three people...

Joseph Kerekes: They, they know for a fact that they were in San Diego because he was on the phone with him that's what Brent told us.

Renee Martin: That what?

Joseph Kerekes: They were on the phone from San Diego with him, like while this was, while that, that was happening.

Renee Martin: While the murder was happening?

Joseph Kerekes: Yes. They know that Grant and Brent, Brent weren't there.

Renee Martin: They were on the phone with him while the murdering was happening?

Joseph Kerkes: Yes, that's all knowledge, everyone knows, we talked about that in San Diego, Brent and Grant, I mean and since then, everybody knows that, that's what the case was.

Renee Martin: Okay, well I'm just telling you basically what Sheryl has come up with, for information.

Joseph Kerekes: Mmm, hmm.

Renee Martin: And well....

Joseph Kerekes: Oh, I know why they think there's a third person there, because on the beach ya know Harlow said something about, ah and ya know just, just making conversation, making it exciting, he said, then my guy ah, ya know my guy ah, took care of something, I think that's what the affidavit says, that's why they think that there's a third person, or, or anymore than who ever was there, ya know?

Renee Martin: Okay, all I'm telling you is, I'm gonna tell Harlow the same thing, okay? What ever it may be, you need to tell your lawyers the truth cause your lawyer cannot appropriately defend you if your lawyer does not know the truth.

Joseph Kerekes: Well, let me tell you, there weren't. What are you talking about? I, I'll tell you the straight up truth, how much can I say here?

Renee Martin: Well no, listen to me, no I don't want you, I don't want you to say anything, I just want you to....

Joseph Kerekes: Well what you just said is completely false, completely one hundred percent.

Renee Martin: Okay, they're saying that they're were three people in this man's house when this incident happened.

Joseph Kerekes: Absolutely, one hundred percent not.

Renee Martin: Okay. What I'm telling you is, I don't wanna hear nothing about that, I'm telling you what I'm being told don't deny or confirm.

Joseph Kerekes: Okay.

Renee Martin: That there were three people there.

Joseph Kerekes: Who's Wyane by the way?

Renee Martin: Wayne is the bondsman.

Joseph Kerekes: Okay.

Renee Martin: Okay? He's trying to help you guys out as much as he can.

Joseph Kerekes: Well, well what you guys just said is completely false.

Renee: Okay, listen to what I'm telling you, they think, this is the way the story goes, either Brent Corrigan and Roy what ever his name is, Grant Roy and you were there, and this incident all happened with the three of you there, or it was Harlow and them...

Joseph Kerekes: They know that they were in San Diego.

(Telephone Recording: You have fifteen seconds left).

Joseph Kerekes: You want me to call right back?

Renee Martin: Yes.

This conversation then goes on to #98, which was previously posted.