Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Plan "B" 3-Way

Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes

The following is the transcript of a phone conversation between Renee Martin, Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra. This call took place while Cuadra and Kerekes were being held at the Virginia Beach jail, shortly after the The Plan "B" Phone Call between Renee and Joe. This is termed transcript #101 by the Luzerne County District Attorneys Office:

RENEE MARTIN: Okay, if he doesn't call this time when you're on the phone, what time do they shut your phones off at?

HARLOW CUADRA: Oh I mean, they're always started, but umm, they just let me out of ah, the lock down but ah, from what I, from what I understand he always has access to his phone.

RENEE MARTIN: No, no, no, no, what time do they shut your, down?

HARLOW CUADRA: At ah, at ten I think.

RENEE MARTIN: Okay, if he doesn't call this time we're on the phone, it's seven thirty your time, I need you to call me back at nine o'clock and I'm gonna tell him the same thing, if he calls back to call at nine o'clock so I can hook you guys together okay?

HARLOW CUADRA: Okay, will do. Alright, so I guess you're gonna order this movie and, and ah, painstakingly watch it?

RENEE MARTIN: Yea, I guess if I have to. I don't know that I'll much enjoy it.

HARLOW CUADRA: I don't, I don't think you will, I heard it sucks.

RENEE MARTIN: Well you know your boy ain't workin either?


RENEE MARTIN: Brent Corrigan.

HARLOW CUADRA: He's not workin?



RENEE MARTIN: Nobody wants him.

HARLOW CUADRA: That's bullshit.

RENEE MARTIN: Uh, uh, it's not.


RENEE MARTIN: Yeah and guess what was all over Damion's page today?


RENEE MARTIN: You're gonna love this, I could really start some shit with him.

HARLOW CUADRA: Okay, what was on that page?

RENEE MARTIN: Mmm, Cruiser at night, hold on a second, you'll love this, I got him goin yesterday when I was talking to him. Umm, okay, it says umm, Kocis, Kerekes, Cuadra Pennsylvania case update, umm, Sam Snyder(sic) deputy warden of Luzerne County Correctional Facility, said Harlow Cuadra and Joe Kerekes will be kept away from the general inmate population when they arrive in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, since it/s a high profile investigation, we'll probably place them in administrative custody, of course we will isolate them from one another, Hyder(sic) said, Hyder(sic) said the two men/s lifestyle and their sexuality will create a danger for them regarding other inmates, bail is not permitted on a charge of criminal homicide in Pennsylvania...

HARLOW CUADRA: Bail is, bail is not permitted?

RENEE MARTIN: Yea, that's what it says.


RENEE MARTIN: Legal view, Harlow and Joe can fight this on four points, they are, are they corrupt individuals, are they actually fugitives, are these valid charges in Pennsylvania, is the paperwork sufficient and correctly drawn up. Note, their guilt or innocence in Kocis' death does not enter into the Virginia Beach legal process, they are being held there for Pennsylvania authorities, the upcoming forfeiture hearing in Virginia Beach concerns their property on Bird Neck Road and a bank account in Virginia Beach. Note two, the Pennsylvania State Police PSP conducted the investigation with the assistance of the Virginia Beach Police Department Special Investigations Unit, this case remains under investigation by the PSP with Corporal Leo Hannon as the lead investigator. Hold on, that's Joe...

RENEE MARTIN: Okay, are we all present?

HARLOW CUADRA: Yep, all here.


RENEE MARTIN: Wait a minute, listen here's the rest of it, umm...

JOSEPH KEREKES: Can I interject real quick...

RENEE MARTIN: No, I'm reading something to Harlow off of what Cruiser put on his(inaudible) his site today. . . extremely troubling part of governor's extradition warrant bears close scrutiny and raises major concerns about the safety of Harlow and Joe, a fact no other writer has noticed, on June 20th a forfeiture hearing in Virginia Beach. on June 27th the extradition, no one else has noted what I believe is a very troubling aspect of the PA governor's warrant that concerns me greatly. There are four police officer detectives specifically named in the warrant as the designated officers to pick up Harlow and Joe from Virginia Beach to go to Wilkes-Barre, PA this is most unusual and atypical, I have good reason to believe that these officers may well have a strong personal bias against the defendants and are likely to homophobic as well. The time frame that I have established for the journey probable, journey's probably duration is about twelve to fourteen hours, this means that if Harlow and Joe are not in touch with their attorneys, families and friends, within that time, then . there is a strong basis for a very major concern about their safety and security, I urge all who are concerned with their safety and security and due process rights of Harlow and Joe to make their concerns known to the office of the Pennsylvania Governor and to urge him to reassign the detectives involved and bring an officer who, who are certifiably neutral and impartial in the discharge of the their extradition duties, and it goes on to give you the governor's address and all this other shit, and then you go to his update, that was on there this morning, you go to his update and that's what I was reading you earlier Harlow, was that umm, umm, the Pennsylvania State Police blah, blah, blah, an investigation, (inaudible) investigation with the assistance of the VBPD Special Investigations Unit this case remains under investigation by the PSP with Corporal Leo Hannon as the lead investigation, Cruiser at night is seeking an interview with Corporal Hannon, if you go up, it will tell you umm, Sam Snyder, Deputy Warden of the Luzerne County Correctional Facility said that Harlow and Joe will be kept away from the general inmate population when they arrive in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania since it's a high profile investigation, we'll probably place them in administrative custody, of course we would isolate them from one another, Hyder said the two men's lifestyles, and their sexuality will create a danger for them regarding other inmates, bail is not permitted on a charge of criminal homicide in Pennsylvania. Harlow and Joe can fight this on four points, blah, blah, blah, and I already read the rest of it to you Harlow.




JOSEPH KEREKES: Listen we have to go to Plan B, we went there.

HARLOW CUADRA: Alright, alright hey Joe, don't, don't say anything over the phone, I already need to... I already know.

JOSEPH KEREKES: Okay, but I gave her a hypothetical thing about A you, B me...

HARLOW CUADRA: Yea, she already went through...

RENEE MARTIN: I, I , I, I, I, I... all conversations are hypothetical please.

JOSEPH KEREKES: I know, it's all hypothetical but Harlow I need to explain to you this hypothetical conversation real quick, okay?

RENEE MARTIN: Ah, no we, we can't do that guys.

JOSEPH KEREKES: What, we already did that, you and me right, Renee?

RENEE MARTIN: I know but we can't do that, because if they're listening in on this conversation and I have three-way'd you, and you guys tell each other what you're supposed to tell each other, then y'all are gonna get me in trouble.


JOSEPH KEREKES: Alright, Renee did you relay anything to him though?

RENEE MARTIN: I was doing that when you called, okay?

JOSEPH KEREKES: Harlow, it's pretty, it's pretty much what we already know, remember what Plan B was, right?


JOSEPH KEREKES: Okay, and umm...


JOSEPH KEREKES: Because we can't get any... we have to tell, ya know what I mean?


JOSEPH KEREKES: Are you okay with that?

HARLOW CUADRA: Yea, I'm good, I'm good.

RENEE MARTIN: Guys, it's all gonna be good, it may, it may disrupt your lives for a momentary (inaudible) time...

JOSEPH KEREKES: Are you serious Renee? You really think that we're gonna umm, we're gonna get out?

RENEE MARTIN: Yea, I, I believe eventually down the road, as long as everything ya know, as long as everything comes out, believe me you wouldn't believe how much shit Sheryl has.



JOSEPH KEREKES: Well then I'm... ya hear this Harlow?


JOSEPH KEREKES: Well listen, listen can I quickly like, can you walk to your baby and let me talk to him?

HARLOW CUADRA: No, no, don't, don't do that.

JOSEPH KEREKES: Do you remember though what is was, you, you had an appointment, I mean (inaudible).

HARLOW CUADRA: I know, I know, I know...

JOSEPH KEREKES: Egh, Egh, Egh, Egh.

HARLOW CUADRA: I, I, I know, I know Joe.

JOSEPH KEREKES: And I wasn't there.

HARLOW CUADRA: Everything, everything's in my head, just be very calm alright?

RENEE MARTIN: Joseph! Joseph! Joseph! Joseph! You're pressuring the poor boy.


RENEE MARTIN: You're pressuring him, you're stressing him out, and it's ruining a conversation.

JOSEPH KEREKES: Well I'm completely stressed out too, but I'm glad that you raised the stress level on me Renee, I'm glad that you took us out...

RENEE MARTIN: Well the, the only reason why I raised level on you was because of what I got from Wayne today, okay?

HARLOW CUADRA: Has he been able to get anything else?

RENEE MARTIN: Do what honey?

HARLOW CUADRA: Has he been able to get anything else?

RENEE MARTIN: No, he won't meet with him again until Monday or Tuesday, but like I said, every time he meets with him I get the low down of what the conversation was.

JOSEPH KEREKES: Oh, about the state right?


JOSEPH KEREKES: Umm, so we may get, we may get the house back Harlow.

HARLOW CUADRA: Yea, I've been hearing that too.

JOSEPH KEREKES: And Renee will put that guy on that loan thing real quick, right Renee?


JOSEPH KEREKES: And ah, but the thing is they wanna keep our money and, and, and the things and I don't like that if they don't have any criminal charges against us.

RENEE MARTIN: Do you want me to tell you something?


RENEE MARTIN: Okay, if you can get a hundred and some thousand dollars out of your house, the hell with twenty-seven thousand dollars and a bunch of material assets, y'all can recreate those material assests.

JOSEPH KEREKES: Yea, that's true but why would they keep it, just to be a honcho almighty?

HARLOW CUADRA: Well ah Joe, umm they may keep, I mean we may get it all back, ya know? But even in, even in the worse case scenario, it looks like we'll be getting our house back, ya know what I mean?

JOSEPH KEREKES: Did Brice give you the letter?

HARLOW CUADRA: Yea, yea and I signed it.

JOSEPH KEREKES: No, no, no, no, the one I wrote you?


RENEE MARTIN: Okay, Sheryl says the guy that was looking to buy your business was a fake, and he is a cop.






RENEE MARTIN: I don't know.

JOSEPH KEREKES: And he wanted to buy it to make it go away, didn't he?

RENEE MARTIN: Well he didn't want to buy it, I don't think he wanted to buy it in the first place. That's why I told ya. . .she said she couldn't find the website but, but, well this is the other guys website that offered to help me buy your updates and that stuff. I know you said you don't much care. for him, but let me tell you something Joe, he's been helping me out immensely, so...

JOSEPH KEREKES: Oh, Oh, ask Harlow if he trusts the ABC Boy guy.

HARLOW CUADRA: Oh yea, he sent me a letter, by the way.

(Telephone Recording: You have one more minute for this call).

RENEE MARTIN: Scott Burnett?

HARLOW CUADRA: Yea, yea, yea.


JOSEPH KEREKES: Hey Harlow, can you call back?

HARLOW CUADRA: Yeah, I'll call right back.

JOSEPH KEREKES: Okay. Hey Renee?

RENEE MARTIN: Yeah, honey...