Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joe's Alibi Witness Interview (2)

SYNOPSIS: BRANNON had email communication with CUADRA during January 2007, including January 24th, 2007 near the time of the homicide. He confirmed the email accounts of,, and were accounts used in these communications. There were three emails sent on January 24th, 2007 two originated from IP address and the other being

DETAILS: After reviewing the emails of Harlow CUADRA related to the account, one of the emails was sent to on January 24th, 2007 at 17:03:20 EST with associated IP address of

On 03/06/2007 at approx. 12:05 hrs. I sent an email to requesting that he contact me via telephone. He returned this telephone call and spoke to Tpr. Michael GOWNLEY who is involved in this investigation and asked BRANNON some preliminary information. Refer to Tpr. GOWNLEY's report of his interview with BRANNON.

At approx. 1330 hrs. I called BRANNON via telephone at XXX-XXX-XXX. He related the wade was his email address and confirmed email communications with Harlow CUADRA and the business owner of Norfolk Male Escorts named Mark. He stated that he met with CUADRA at the residence of 1028 Stratem Ct, Virginia Beach, Va on January 19th, 2007 and January 20th, 2007. He said he saw the news reports relating to the homicide and saw CUADRA's picture on the television, and figured a police officer would be in contact with him. He indicated that he paid for sexual encounters with Harlow CUADRA. His appointments in January 2007 were pre-booked for a price of $2400 which he paid in November or December of 2006.

BRANNON related that he has some of the emails saved when he communicated with Harlow CUADRA. The email addresses that he can recall are,, and He emailed and faxed some email communications with CUADRA. An email was sent on January 24th, 2007 at 17:36:36 PST or 20:36:36 EST, on the date of the homicide. This email was from to It should noted that this email is related to the email archive found during the forensic examination of item #51 on property number P17225G. This email was sent from IP address which is registered to Harlow CUADRA's Sprint wireless air card. This archive also shows a later email on January 24th, 2007 at 20:03:59 PST or 23:03:59 EST, this email originated from IP address

BRANNON stated that he also talked via internet and telephone with a person who identified himself as Mark. BRANNON had never seen Mark at the residence only Harlow and "Trent". He suspected that Mark may not exist but did not press the issue with Harlow. He suspected this because Harlow said that Mark owned everything, the business, house, and the cars. Then on 01/19/2007 Harlow picked him up at the Hilton and they were pulled over by the Virginia Beach PD for window tint and were given a citation. BRANNON observed several other citations in the vehicle and CUADRA said that Mark has a lawyer that will take care of them. BRANNON observed that the vehicle was registered in CUADRA's name. He said that Mark put the car in his name due to legal issues. BRANNON thinks the time of the traffic stop was at approx. 14:30 hrs on 01/19/2007.

While at the residence BRANNON recalled some of the conversations with CUADRA.

CUADRA talked about returning from a Las Vegas trip where he attended a convention. He had lost his plane tickets and boarding passes from Southwest Airlines and Mark had to buy new ones.

CUADRA talked about making a movie with a gay porn star named Brent Corrigan. It sounded like it would be happening soon but CUADRA did not say specifically.

CUADRA talked about Corrigan making a movie with Falcon Studio's called The Velvet Mafia, but they could not use his name and Corrigan was mad about that.

CUADRA said he was a Navy Corpsman, had been hurt and was getting out in a few months.

CUADRA also talked about Mark having him put a gym together to work out.

BRANNON received an email on January 24th, 2007, from CUADRA's account. This seemed odd because Harlow was asking for money to attend a webmaster school for his website boybatter, he thought he might be getting scammed. CUADRA was asking to charge $1,000 to his credit card, which he allowed. BRANNON also was traveling to the Newport News Area in March 2007 to teach a military class and prepaid $5,500 on February 8th, or 9th 2007 for several appointments with CUADRA.

BRANNON related that he would be available for interview in person if needed.