Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some Unknown Details...

While we await more details about today's hearing (nothing new yet) ... I thought it would be interesting to post something that I stumbled upon while reviewing the Defenses' response to the Virginia Beach Search Warrant issue... the following are excerpts from a document filed by Cpl. Leo Hannon, which was titled "The Material Facts Constituting Probable Cause that the Search Should be Made".

While a good portion of this document is repeated in the later filed Affidavit of Probable Cause... I did find some interesting things that weren't (or at least not to this detail) and will post those 'quotes' now:

"Additionally, a folding-style knife was found to be open and in the area of the origin of said arson fire."

"Investigators interviewed Attorney Sean Macias who represented Bryan Kocis in a lawsuit that was ongoing at the time of Kocis’s death. According to Attorney Macias, the lawsuit was filed in Federal Court under case number 06 CV 0293J. In the lawsuit, Kocis’s company, Cobra Video, was suing Sean Lockhart, Grant Roy and LSG Media; The lawsuit alleged systematic infringement and misappropriation of Kocis’ property rights regarding the distributes Adult Male Gay entertainment via DVD/video sales and provides adult material through its websites, and One of the primary models for Kocis’ company was Sean Lockhart AKA Brent Corrigan. In the lawsuit, it is alleged that Sean Lockhart developed a new business relationship with LSG Media; which is a partnership between Sean Lockhart, Grant Roy and Lee Bergeron. A review of court documents reveals that during 2006 there were a number of depositions taken in furtherance of the aforementioned lawsuit. "

"During the week of January 15, 2007, Kocis traveled to California to confer with his Attorney regarding the pending lawsuit and a potential settlement. Attorney Macias advised that on January 19, 2007 a settlement was reached. This settlement allegedly gave Lockhart and his associates only seven days to complete certain agreements or would have to pay an additional settlement cost. The settlement further called for Lockhart to remove all negative “blogs” regarding Kocis. Lockhart additionally agreed to provide and release medical records to Kocis. Additionally, Kocis would retain all rights to the name “Brent Corrigan” for a period of time, and would thereafter receive a percentage of gross proceeds from website and DVD sales. "

"The investigation also revealed that Sean Lockhart, a/k/a Brent Corrigan, created his own website known as “,” in violation of contractual agreements between the victim and Lockhart. Several biographical entries found on the website as well as other various blog sites illustrate strong feelings of personal animosity on the part of Lockhart toward Brian Kocis. Additionally, subsequent investigation revealed that Lockhart held a desire to be credited as a director, and additionally wished to hold responsibility for his own career decisions, which he believed was impeded by Kocis. Also according to said writings, Lockhart believed that he had been “manipulated” by Kocis, and was taken advantage of due to his young age and naivety with regard to the adult entertainment industry. "

"Sergeant Douglas Higgins, Dallas Township Police Department, Dallas, Pennsylvania, advised Cpl. Leo D. Hannon Jr. that he interviewed Benjamin Gilbert of Palmdale, California. Gilbert advised that he associated with Sean Lockhart and they last had contact in October 2006 Gilbert recalled that Lockhart had spoken about getting rid of Bryan Kocis; that he hated Kocis; and that Kocis had ruined his life. Gilbert also referred to a friend of Lockhart known as Grant who stated he wanted to find a “cleaner” to take care of Kocis. Gilbert overheard Lockhart telling Grant not to talk about that in front of people you don’t know. Gilbert further advised that Grant is in love with Lockhart and would do anything for Lockhart. "

"On February 2, 2007, the Pennsylvania State Police released a photograph attached to the Danny Moilin application to the local and national media outlets. On February 3, 2007, Trooper Lisa A. Brogan spoke to Ryan Anderson of Norfolk, Virginia. Anderson stated that a friend of his once worked for the person in the photo. Anderson stated the unidentified male is Harlow Cuadra from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Anderson stated Cuadra is a gay male model and a paid escort. Anderson stated that one could view Harlow Cuadra via his MySpace profile: Cuadra is part owner of gay pornography websites: and Cuadra operates a male escort service and website referred to as Anderson also forwarded two photos to Trooper Brogan. Anderson advised both photos were posted on Harlow Cuadra's MySpace page. Anderson stated that Harlow Cuadra and Sean Lockhart, aka Brent Corrigan, were in Las Vegas for the Adult Video Convention and the photo was taken at Le Cirque; a restaurant located within the Bellagio Hotel. Anderson did not know who took the photo, but was familiar with Le Cirque; jackets and ties are required. Anderson added that "Trent" (stage name) is partners with Harlow Cuadra in the escort business. Anderson stated Cuadra and Trent were former lovers but Cuadra left Trent for Sean Lockhart. Anderson did not know Trent's real name but thought his first name may be "Joe"."

"On February 3, 2007, Trooper Brogan spoke to one Michael Wahl, who resides in Yorktown, Virginia. Wahl stated he heard about the murder of Bryan Kocis on website, He was reading about the murder on several other websites and immediately knew the identity of the male subject. Wahl stated that the name of the person in the photo was "Harlow". Wahl was unsure of his last name but thought it was Drake. Wahl stated that Harlow is well known in the gay community where he lives. Wahl stated that a former friend of his used to model with Harlow. Wahl stated Harlow and his business partner, Joseph Kerekes, operate an illegal escort service and produce gay pornography. Kerekes also does some modeling: using stage names of "Trent" or "Travis". Wahl believed Joe and Harlow were involved intimately, but broke up over Sean Lockhart; aka Brent Corrigan. Wahl stated Harlow was going to leave Kerekes for Lockhart. Harlow and Sean Lockhart were supposedly going to make a movie together."

"On 02/09/07 Cpl. Mark Filarsky and Cpl. Gerald Williams interviewed Grant Roy who was in the presence of his counsel, Attorney Ezekiel Cortez. This interview was conducted via teleconference. The following is a synopsis of the interview; I was surfing the internet looking for models in anticipation of the settlement of the lawsuit with Bryan Kocis. That is when I came across Harlow. I sent 1 or 2 emails his web site. I never heard back from him but Sean Lockhart did. I was informed by Sean that Harlow was looking to work with us. I asked Sean if he was coming to Las Vegas for the convention and Sean said he wasn’t. I told Sean to call him and tell him to come to Vegas.

We did meet with Harlow and his friend Joe who goes by the stage name Trent. Harlow was in the Navy and Joe was in the Marines. They have been a couple for about the last 6 years. We were at dinner one night in Vegas when we were discussing the possibility of trading scenes but I informed them that we could not do anything at this point because of the pending litigation with Bryan Kocis. Harlow then asked what if Bryan left the country, Sean said that he would only come back. Joe then said that Harlow knows someone that would do anything for him. Harlow then asked what if Bryan went to Canada. Sean had a few drinks in him and I don’t think he understood what Harlow was saying. I looked at Harlow and knew that he was talking about getting rid of him (killing him) I grabbed Harlow by the knee and told him no, we don’t need Bryan to leave the country. This conversation took place while in Las Vegas for a gay porn convention during the week of January 15 to the 19 2007."